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Digital Channels Audits

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. Our 12+ year experience in digital marketing makes us your first choice

The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand. The technical complexity in digital marketing require regular health audit of digital properties

Conducting a digital channel audit is one of the most important steps of your digital marketing plan as without performing one you cannot invest in developing a capability by overlooking the gaps in the present strategy.

As we will be able to identify how friendly is your digital properties to respond to the online promotional activities. If you are getting any traffic then from which channel and is it optimized, if not then why not. We perform various audits like Search Engine Optimization Audit, Competitive analysis, Technical issues, On-Page Optimization, Link building, Social Media Marketing Audit, Content Marketing Audit and based on these audits we will suggest what Digital Marketing Strategy update you need.

Auditing and strategy are inseparable, let’s have a quick audit

Case Study

Dskic.in – Digital Audit

DSK International Campus, Pune wanted to acquire its students digitally for International Masters Program in Design & Animation course. To ensure reach & conversion success we first conducted an audit of all digital properties to ensure right start of the campaigns

Case Study

Kaamastra.com – Digital Audit

An e-commerce site in adult products wanted to promote their products online. The client wanted to rank well on the search engines in order to attract organic traffic, to achieve this objective we have done technical audit from hosting to cart drop analysis

Client testimonials for our digital marketing services

Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our clients think of our digital marketing services.

We wanted to go digital but didn’t know where to start from at this point Digital Skills stepped in, they explained how each of the digital marketing channels functions with respect to the consumer behavior. They first started with auditing our digital marketing properties  and based on that they came up with a strategy and way forward for the digital marketing promotion. They are exceptionally great at executing all the digital marketing channels and getting the results for you.



CEO – Source Code Guru

Digital marketing Audit

The best practice that Digital Skills follows before diving into execution is planning, they have a unique style of doing this, they first audit all your digital channels and get an understanding of where you stand in the digital marketing promotion mix. I was very impressed with the insights that Digital skills came up with after their audit. I think Digital skills doesn’t work as an agency but as a partner for your business. I would highly recommend them


Sughosh Sowale

Founder & CEO  – Muhurtmaza

Digital Marketing Audit

I enjoy working with Digital Skills. Because I know what they are capable of delivering. I really appreciate what they’ve been able to do in getting our business development and marketing program up-and-running digitally. It would not have been possible if they would have not done a thorough audit of our digital marketing channels and found out where we lack and which gaps needs to be fixed first.I think they are a smart agency for smart businesses.


Ratnesh Upadhyay

CEO, Lisa Home Solutions (P) Ltd

Digital Marketing Audit Service

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