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Google Display & Remarketing Classroom Training

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Google Display & Remarketing Advertising Classroom Training Pune

Google Display & Re-marketing Classroom Training

The online display advertising is become one of the most vital channel for marketers to create awareness and increase reach by getting your ads in front of the internet and mobile users whose numbers are growing profusely.

Google display & remarketing advertising classroom training course is designed in such a way that will help marketing professional to use this tool effectively and efficiently to reach niche target audience to engage them with marketing message.

Best Display Marketing Class in Pune

What you'll learn

Display Advertisement Program

Google display & remarketing advertising classroom training is planned in such a way that it blends theory and practical knowledge to ensure that you get in depth understanding of all the aspects of online display advertising. This course will cover all the features of display advertising like mastering the latest tool and techniques for you to excel in this profession. It will help you to strategise, plan and execute the campaign to achieve the desired results. It also covers how to build the brand awareness of your brand by increasing the reach, display advertisement optimisation, various types of display ads, best practices to create display ads, managing the media buying and selling of display space and understand the measurement and other metrics for running successful display ads.

Who should attend Display Advertisement Classroom Training?

This course can be attended by marketing professionals who wants to understand and learn about online display advertisement as there is no prerequisite for attending this course. The course will be beneficial for marketers in corporate, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, entrepreneurs, traditional as well as digital marketers, start-ups and bloggers

How will I benefit?

The display advertisement course is designed to impart practical knowledge, so that you can immediately start working as a professional as this completes your branding cycle, also this field in very demanding as many marketers are using it extensively in their marketing plans, there is an ever increasing number of requirement for these kind of professionals, start-ups and entrepreneurs can look for a promotional plans without getting into long term contracts and capturing markets through re-marketing. As a display advertising professional you will be able to precisely target the required locations and specific sites and measure the ROI for your display advertising activity.

What will I learn from Display Advertisement course?

  • Overview of Display Advertising
    • The various types of online display advertising media
    • The basics of display advertising strategy
  • Introduction to Display Ads and Banners
    • How to create the right creative and choose the right medium to maximise the click through rates
    • Various costs and measurements of the costs with overall ROI
    • Social Media display ads
  • Technical details of display advertisement campaign
    • Measurement metrics of the campaign
    • Choosing the right medium
    • Integrating display advertisement into the overall marketing plan
    • Managing the costs like CPC and CPM

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What Our Digital Marketing Learners Have To Say

Our Past Digital Marketing Learners Are Working For Top Companies Across The Globe!

Display Advertisement is a crucial channel in digital marketing if you get it right it will work for you & if you don’t you will be left with not having a good experience. The display advertisement and remarketing course at digital skills teaches you how well to use this channel for your benefit.


Yash G

Digital Marketing – Cybertech International

Digital Skills Review

Just a quick thank you for a great lecture on Display advertisement and remarketing as they are so relevant to my job role now I am able to execute these campaigns more scientifically with desired results. Also the class was not boring as it was more interactive with lots of real life examples.


Sameer Naik

Channel Marketing Associate

Digital Skills Review

Display Advertisement and remarketing is the need of the hour and was very well taught through this course. The faculty was well informed and inspiring. The presentation was great and the lesson format worked very well for the entire group. We were taught how to execute and then optimize the campaigns


Dhiraj Dubey

System Engineer  – Darshan Softech Pvt Ltd

Digital Skills Feedback

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