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Alba Smart Home Automation

Alba Smart Automation, India – Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Campaign Period – March’16 to December’16

Company Profile:

Alba Smart Automation is the pioneer in India for smart home technology, home automation and lighting control systems. With over 25 years of experience in providing the ultimate technology lifestyle for homes, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and more, they are market leaders with a national presence,  and distribution across India. They use the latest technology with the most advance design. They make your home no less than a sifi movie.

Digital objectiveThe Objective:

  • To promote its retail home automation product IZen
  • To increase Alba Smart’s awareness, reach and engagement
  •  Alba Smart needed to communicate different messages to different audiences, whilst still preserving a integrated approach that would build their brand presence digitally.
  • Alba smart wanted to boost up the sales inorganically

Digital ChallengeThe Challenge:

  • It had introduced a retail product at an affordable cost
  • The challenge was to optimise their programme and drive high sales, whilst also improving their quality.
  • The customers had to be educated about the product so that they can accept this product
  • To find the right kind of publishers who can carryout the campaign with highest ROI

Digital Strategy IconThe Strategy:

  • To identify the right affiliates and publishers
  • Tidying up the account of the previous campaigns
  • Create clear easy to understand landing page
  • Plan the campaign based on the buying behavior of the customer

Digital Result IconThe Execution:

Tidying up the account – The Digital Skills team began by introducing strict new Affiliate terms on the programme – stopping brand awareness programme and CPC. As a result, Alba Smart now has to pays for affiliate traffic driven by qualified customers.  Digital Skills also put a new weekly reporting structure in place, to measure the performance of the affiliates.

Landing pages – With this new structure in place Digital Skills was now set to focus on optimising the account, starting with creating the landing-pages. 3 revisions were made to the landing page before striking the right one, to achieve this both Digital Skills team and Alba Smart team worked together to optimise the page

New product – Alba smart came up with the new product for retail customers and affiliate channel was used to promote this. As Digital Skills had technical experience in affiliate tracking software the managed rolling this out within a week.

Buying cycle testing – Digital Skills actually did a product buying online to see how the functionality of the buying cycle works. Based on the experience an detailed report was shared with Alba Smart to improve the process where needed.

Using data – Due to the nature of the affiliate marketing we managed to gather a huge amount of data, this data was cleverly used by Digital Skills to increase the engagement with the customers who had shown interest in the product. A remarketing campaign was conducted on the data giving us excellent results.

Digital Super ManThe Results:

  • Under the guidance of Digital Skills , Alba Smart Affiliates’ programme had become much more refined by optimising the campaign and controlling the affiliates efficiently to drive high conversion rates.
  • Due to the quality of the campaign, the client opened up their PPC activity which resulted in assisted conversion from other channels
  • The conversion rate on the campaign increased from 2.27% in March 2016 to 5.2% in October 2016
  • Sales during the remarketing period went up  by 1000% over the 2 week period while it was live.

Prithvi Bajaj – Managing Director, Alba Smart Automation Delhi, India

Digital Skills did a great job in launching our home automation product across India with the help of performance digital marketing. Their holds on affiliate & PPC campaign is outstanding. The  low Customer acquisition cost (CAC) driven by them for such low ticket size product, where customer adoption in India in inception stage.  They diligently  carried out the campaign with the desired results. The best part about Digital Skills is that they understand your business thoroughly before jumping to the execution. They maintain a very high level of professionalism, I highly recommend them for digital marketing activity. 
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Affiliate Marketing Case Study of Alba Smart Automation

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