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Lupin India – Social Media Marketing Workshop for Practicing Physicians Case Study

Campaign Period – May’16 to December’16

Company Profile:

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the U.S. wholly owned subsidiary of Lupin Limited, which is among the top five pharmaceutical companies in India. Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is dedicated to delivering high-quality, branded and generic medications trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies.

Digital objectiveThe Objective:

  • They wanted to help their doctor by showcasing the strengths of Social media in today’s digital age.
  • The pace at which new technologies are emerging it has opened up a host of opportunities and challenges for Doctors to showcase their expertise online.
  • Social Media is changing medicine so a revolution is needed to train the doctors to leverage the benefits of social media.

Digital ChallengeThe Challenge:

  • The doctors are not supposed to advertise their services openly according to the guidelines set up by MCI.
  • With 1/3rd of consumers using social media for health-related matters, can doctors afford not to know how social media marketing in the healthcare industry can be used?
  • Hospital are more of a localised businesses with limited scope of target audience
  • Social Media in Healthcare How can healthcare providers take advantage of social media marketing?

Digital Strategy IconThe Strategy:

  • Digital Skills came up with tailored made theory & practical sessions for the Doctors
  • Two trainers have present & guided Doctors personally on their doubts
  • We have created Google group, through which we delivered study material, case studies & news
  • We connect presentation material along marketing theory & explained them from layman context
  • We have shown actual accounts of our clients and operational methodology

Digital Result IconThe Execution:

  • Delivered the Social media marketing session for doctors and how this media has remarkable potential to increase awareness, promote healthcare education, improve reputation and engage with patients, but as a healthcare professional social media can seem like a daunting task.
  • Showcased different case studies to the doctors to show how physicians are using Social media to promote themselves by operating within the guidelines set by MCI.
  • Showed various methods of how generate engaging content for the audience and develop the healthcare organisation or practise.
  • Explained the practioners how Social media is not a hard selling media but how you can promote your brand in a subtle way, giving the audience an honest & well-informed guidance within the realm of the industry. This is as true for social media in healthcare as it is for any business wanting to take advantage of social media networks.

Digital Super ManThe Results:

  • Covered 7 workshops across India
  • Trained 350 Doctors across different location in India
  • Active participation from Senior as well as young Doctors community.

Ketki Patil – Product Manager Lupin Limited, Mumbai

The Lupin Limited team offers its sincere appreciation to Digital Skills for conducting the Social Media Marketing sessions for practicing physicians, which helped them to understand the medium how it works and how it will help the physicians to reach out to the patients and improve their brand value and recognition. While staying well within the purview of the regulation set by MCI. We have tried this kind of any initiative for the first time and have experienced great success in the programme to help the doctors to reach the masses in the most innovative way, as social media can produce great ROI.
Lupin Social Media Marketing Case Study

Social Media Marketing Case Study of Lupin Ltd

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