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Shrikhande Hospital Nagpur

Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre Social Media Marketing Case Study

Campaign Period – April’16 to Till Date

Company Profile:

  • Shrikhande IVF & Surrogacy Center, Nagpur is a well know hospital for treating infertility for the past 20 years
  • The centre has the most advanced technology involving assisted reproduction to treat various kinds of infertility and to provide a chance to you to conceive a baby.
  • The hospital has a team of experts in Gynaecology, Urology, Embryologists
  • The Director is MD, (OB/GY), FICOG, FICMCH, FICMU has 25 years of experience and has been instrumental in the field of IVF and many emerging technologies and has performed more than 10000 embryo transfers.
  • The hospital provides various services related to Infertility, Gynaecology, Urology and Freezing Programmes

Digital objectiveThe Objective:

  • Increase the brand reach through Social Media Marketing
  • Engage the audience with the brand on various social media network
  • Enable the patients to find the right information on all the pages
  • Drive traffic to the website through Social media

Digital ChallengeThe Challenge:

  • Practicing Physician work under a highly regulated environment doctors cannot advertise their practice directly to promote their services
  • How could a hospital like Shrikhande IVF & Surrogacy Center use the potential of social media?
  • It is said that Social Media is a Waste of Time for Most Physicians
  • To build a classical case of ambush marketing (social awareness), to connect the dots to professional gain
  • Local business with limited scope of target audience

Digital Strategy IconThe Strategy:

  • Our Strategy was to concentrate on brand awareness and building a digital ecosystem for the first 6 months
  • Brand awareness was done through promoting special days,events and festivals
  • The content needed to be crisp and engaging with the prospective audience
  • To create a Ecosystem/community by spreading the message of good health, without marketing or promoting any of the services

Digital Result IconThe Execution:

  • An entire calendar was planned for the brand  for each month and for each social media channel
  • Based on the channel strength and the audience appropriate message was made to get the maximum reach and engagement
  • Daily engaging updates were posted on the each social media channel
  • We ran a special series for specific festivals and special days

Digital Super ManThe Results:

  • We receive direct messages on facebook fan page, twitter handle & LinkedIn profile form the patients nationally and internationally for the services offered by our client
  • The page had only 400 like before we started the working on the facebook account, currently we are at 4500 like in just 4 months
  • A whooping 446% increase in its reach month on month
  • Social media traffic to website have increased 300% rise in clinic foot fall increase
  • Client have established self brand within peer community

Dr.Laxmi Shrikhande – Director Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre, Nagpur

I am very happy with the execution of the social media marketing by Digital Skills.They publish engaging content on the social media channels and have efficiently managed all my social media marketing accounts. We are getting good response for all the campaigns of social media. I would highly recommend Digital Skills Social Media Marketing  to any business/individual for promoting their brand on Social Networds

Social Media Marketing Case Study of Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre

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