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TourdeFarm Agritourism India

Tourdefarm UI & UX Case Study

Campaign Period – March’15 to Till Date

Company Profile:

Tourdefarm is a free and reliable agritourism & Ecotourism travel search engine that helps people across the world find the best Agritourism centres near them. With over 70 agritoursim centers listed with them across India, Tourdefarm prides itself on giving its customers the best Agritourism experience ever.

Digital objectiveThe Objective:

  • Design and build fully responsive page templates for the Tourdefarm website
  • Create a site which simply provides agritourism options for prospective customers and promotes the benefits of visiting an agritourism centre
  • Build out the brand personality and tone of voice, ensuring brand consistency across all pages
  • Mobile responsive site
  • To provide a modern and live design of the website
  • To appeal predominately to family and corporates
  • Make it easy to book above the fold
  • Encourage people to get involved in social media.

Digital ChallengeThe Challenge:

  • The oblivious challenge of launching a travel portal site is the fact that competing websites have been established for a considerable amount of time.
  • To build an authoritative websites that rank well for valuable keywords.
  • The information available online is scattered
  • People think that this is a much unorganized sector and will end up having a bad experience
  • The vast majority of travel sites have also had considerable venture capital investment providing them with media budgets that dwarf Tourdefarm.

Digital Strategy IconThe Strategy:

  • We preferred simplicity over flashiness that would complement the business
  • Easy to navigate and reduced number of clicks to reach the destination page
  • Clear call to action button clearly visible to cut down unnecessary navigation
  • Responsive across all the devices

Digital Result IconThe Execution:

  • We developed the pages on a responsive framework to make sure that they are optimised for all devices. We reviewed the sitemap and user journey and optimised the same to improve efficiency and streamline user experience.
  • The CTAs across the site were placed at a location which was clearer, moving above the fold, utilizing interactive widgets to encourage engagement with the user.
  • We paid attention to the tone of voice, knowing that the most effective brand copy style speaks straight to its audience in a language they recognize, relate to and feel more comfortable with.
  • It was crucial to provide all the details onsite as most of the sites in this genre failed to do so. Encouraging the customers to understanding the offering.
  • We did a focused group study to analyse our new design which gave us additional insights and recommendations this allowed us to further optimize the site, hone and refine to ensure a systematic and positive user experience.

Digital Super ManThe Results:

  • Within 1 month of the launch of the website we had 1000 visitors monthly
  • MoM the traffic grew by 165%
  • New uses grew by 120% MoM
  • Bounce rate reduced by 82%
  • Average page on time grew up to 4.16 minutes per visitor

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) Case Study of Tourdefarm

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