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Content Writing Certification Course

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Advanced Content Writing Course in Pune

Bill Gates once said

“Content is King, I see that most of the money on the internet is going to be made in content”

His words are as true now as they are when he uttered them. Content is very important to the internet because content is what the people consume more than anything else. Don’t get fooled by people that tell you that content is all about Search Engine Optimization. Although it is true that SEO plays a part in Content Writing, your first and foremost thought behind writing a piece of content should be your customers/consumers. You succeed only when you write for them.

Our Content Writing Course is designed to first test your creative abilities and then your technical abilities. With more than 15 years between them, our trainers are highly trained professionals with experience in creative and SEO copywriting. This content writing certification course is the perfect way of landing your dream job.

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What you'll learn

Content Writing Course in Pune

We have curated our content writing course to ensure that the students are constantly being pushed to their creative and technical limits. The students will learn to express their ideas and thoughts with flair, confidence, and skill. Digital Skills content writing course provides students with an opportunity to be more open in their creative thought process and assess situations from a unique perspective. Special stress is placed on knowing your content consumers. It is for whom you will be writing and understanding their personas is an important aspect of the content writing course. Regular tests and assessments are held to ensure that the students’ progress is being correctly monitored. Regular feedback is provided to guide students in the right direction.

Who should sign up for Advanced Content Writing Course in Pune?

This course is specifically designed for people looking to make a career in Content Writing. Subject matter experts who want to be able to better express themselves through writing have found this course extremely helpful. This course is for students and professionals alike who will benefit from better content writing skills. The Content Writing course is also very beneficial for search engine optimizers to better understand the writing guidelines for the content process.

How will I benefit from this Content Course?

This content marketing course provides the student with exposure to various forms of writing methodology. Whether it is creative writing or SEO copywriting, the students get a fully formed understanding of the methodology behind them all. This course will also help to stimulate the student’s creative juices and get the best out of their writing. Most importantly though, you will get an education in writing that will help you in your career prospects. You will learn how to be able to tell beautiful stories that will pique the reader’s interest and keep him hooked till the end. In a similar manner, you will learn how to be able to write as a professional for an organizations content writer needs. There are a large number of content writing opening’s currently that are not being fulfilled and this Content Writing Course in Pune will get you one more step closer to your dream job.

What will I learn from the Content Writing Course from Digital Skills?

The Content Writing training Course is an industry validated certification course:

  • Content Writing Course Completion Certificate from Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd.
  • Understanding of Target Audiences
    • Content Consumer Personas
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Consumer Targeting
  • Methods of Optimizing content for different Digital Marketing Mediums
  • SEO Copy writing
    • Basic Keyword Research
    • Basic On Page Optimization
    • Art and Science of SEO Writing

Advance Your Career with our Digital Marketing Course in Pune


Learn from Leading Digital Experts

Our specialist product team’s job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. They work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.


An Industry-Validated Syllabus

We bring together the world’s leading digital brands including Google, Facebook and Twitter to review and approve course content, and define an innovative syllabus that will develop your digital career.


Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an industry-recognized, globally respected qualification. Exams are developed in alignment with the course syllabus, which means that every student is certified to the same standard.


Experience the Global Standard

Our courses are designed and delivered by leading digital experts. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experience, industry advice and best practice tips. We also offer internship.

What Our Digital Marketing Learners Have To Say

Our Past Digital Marketing Learners Are Working For Top Companies Across The Globe!

Having read about SEM articles on various websites and blogs I was still in confusion regarding various terms and execution procedures. After a brief search, I came across Digital-Skills which offered courses in various digital marketing verticals like SEO, Social Media, and SEM. I learnt about Digital-Skills faculties who are industry experts


Suyash Adhav

PPC Advertising Associate

Digital Skills Feedback

“I wanted to take a moment and tell you what an incredible institute Digital-Skills is for Digital Marketing courses. The course covers the in-depth concepts of Digital Marketing and its implications to your specific business and also helps you solve all your queries related to digital marketing. They also taught some client dealing tactics and other industry trade secrets during the session.”


 Nitin Kamble

Digital Skills Review

If you are thinking of acquiring digital marketing knowledge. It has to be from Digital-Skills because of the high rich content of the course and in-depth explanation of the concepts which makes them the right choice.  I have experienced the course and know how well it explains to promote any business digitally to achieve its business objective


 Shirish Deshpande

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Skills Feedback

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