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Digital business doesn’t stand still, and nor do we. We are constantly enhancing our research, data insight tools, training material and client’s case studies with the latest digital marketing tools & techniques. Our attention is always focused on driving digital sales to our customers or, guiding marketing & sales professionals to provide them with the best digital marketing training with practical assignments to become a digital pro, Are you ready?

Certification for digital marketing & sales professionals

The current need to adopt and harness digital technologies may be known as the way to succeed, many professionals are not sure how or where to begin. Our experience in the digital sphere makes us uniquely placed to understand the hurdles professionals comes across, lets start digital learning …


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Helping your business to grow digitally

Digital-skills a digital marketing institute can work with your organization to provide specialized, flexible, scalable training or digital marketing services that meets your digital customer acquisition or digital sales needs. Our certified and industry-validated digital marketing solutions will help you to acquire your customer digitally with targeted customer acquisition cost. Lets discuss your digital business aspirations

Check case studies of our clients for digital marketing services

Case Study

Propbuying.com – SEO

Propbuying a forward thinking real estate agency in Pune, knew that their target audience are using digital media to make decision while buying a property, so they wanted to be present digitally and be found for some of the most common keywords. Digital Skills came up with the best SEO plan to promote their website.

Campaign Period – Mar 15 to Till Date

Case Study

Shrikhandeivf.com – Social Media

Shrikhande Hospital and Research Centre very well knew that to showcase its expertise it will need social media marketing to be executed by experts so they contacted Digital Skills to carry out the Social Media Campaigns

Campaign Period – Apr 16 to Till Date


Sujay Khandge Digital Marketing Trainer & Expert PuneSujay Khandge

A dynamic and highly motivated DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT, since last 11 years successfully managing different online marketing campaign. A very creative, persuasive, and multi-disciplinary problem solver


Sachin Selvaraj Digital Marketing Expert PuneSachin Selvaraj

A highly motivated and experienced digital marketing professional, with a strong specialism in media management in Digital, strengths include strategy development and implementation, execution of digital campaigns


Learn, Build & Execute Digital Marketing and Sales Capabilities With Us …

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The course at Digital-Skills has been insightful, for me in Digital Marketing and made me think out of the box. This course has given me great marketing and business insights and also tells you how to apply Digital Marketing to any business to get the most of it. Learning is made easy and simple for anyone to grasp and relating each topic to real life.


Tejas Jinaral

Sr. Executive – Krome Tech


Digital-Skills faculty team are experts in their fields & conduct digital marketing classes based on live examples and case studies which are truly amazing. The part is that it is a complete practical oriented course their passion for teaching is commendable . There are very few digital marketing trainers who do this. These faculties are Great Mentors!! ..Kudos!!..


 Swapnil Ghorpade

Business Development Professional

swapnil-ghorpade Digital Skills Feedback

My experience of the course at digital-skills had been phenomenal, as the course has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the students who want to make a career in digital marketing, and also businessmen  & professionals who want to implement digital marketing to their businesses. The concepts are made clear and interesting.


Aniruddha Pawade

Media Executive – Radio/Tv Programming

aniruddha-pawade Digital Skills Feedback

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