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Affiliate Marketing Classroom Course

Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Classroom Training in Pune

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course & Classroom Training in Pune

Whether you are a blogger or an online publisher expecting to monetise your content or an individual looking for additional sources of income, affiliate marketing is the key to your success. Cut short the learning curve for this potentially most profitable practice online with our affiliate marketing management training programme.

Best Affiliate Marketing Class in Pune

What you'll learn

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing program for beginners is designed to give blogger or digital marketing learner all the knowledge that you need to generate additional income through online content or online publishing.  Digital Skills Affiliate Marketing classroom training covers all the details of how to create an engaging content, placing the tracking affiliate code and driving traffic to your online property to earn extra income through affiliate marketing program. This course by Digital Skills is delivered by industry experts and practitioner who have been in this field for more than 10 years, who will share valuable insider secrets and best practice in the affiliate marketing field to increase your success rate.

Who should attend affiliate marketing training?

This lucrative affiliate marketing management programme is for anyone who is looking for making way for extra income by promoting their online properties, bloggers, small business owners, housewives, marketing executives, students who want to make a career in the field of affiliate marketing.

How will I benefit?

You can make way for additional income through affiliate programmes just by blogging and promoting your web properties

What will I learn from affiliate marketing course?

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    • Overview of how affiliate marketing works and its players
    • Online affiliate sites to generate money
    • Signing up with various affiliates networks
  • Getting Started
    • Finding the right affiliate partner
    • Adding Google adsense link
    • Creating a way forward for your business and deciding the payouts
    • Tracking your activity through pixel codes
  • Maximising the output with minimum efforts
    • Measuring the success of your affiliate programme
    • Driving traffic to your property through organic and paid search
    • Techniques to optimise your site
  • Case Studies
    • Drive successful affiliate programmes
    • Capitalising on incentive based programmes
    • Affiliate marketing through various digital marketing channels

Advance Your Career with our Digital Marketing Course

Learn from Leading Digital Experts

Learn from Leading Digital Experts

Our specialist product team’s job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. They work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.


An Industry-Validated Syllabus

We bring together the world’s leading digital brands including Google, Facebook and Twitter to review and approve course content, and define an innovative syllabus that will develop your digital career.


Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an industry-recognized, globally respected qualification. Exams are developed in alignment with the course syllabus, which means that every student is certified to the same standard.


Experience the Global Standard

Our courses are designed and delivered by leading digital experts. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experience, industry advice and best practice tips. We also offer internship.

What Our Digital Marketing Learners Have To Say

Our Past Digital Marketing Learners Are Working For Top Companies Across The Globe!

I really enjoyed all the sessions at Digital-Skills and specially the affiliate marketing session and I think I learnt a lot, as the classes were really interesting and a great source of knowledge. I never knew that business could be done so efficiently using affiliate marketing and I also came to know that through affiliate marketing I can earn extra income, I think everybody should learn affiliate marketing


Pratik Joshi

Digital Marketing Analyst. | Travel & IT

Digital Skills Review

I found the Integrated digital marketing course of Digital-Skills excellent and crucial to my affiliate marketing job role. After the course I feel more confident in my knowledge and now I have an extra strategic edge in my role. The faculties went above and beyond  the theory to explain how this channel functions in reality, and overall despite the small sacrifice of my time, I would recommend this for all marketers.


Akshay Palve

Affiliate campaign Manager – Bajaj Finserv

Digital Skills Review

The Affiliate marketing module was  a very well thought and planned session of the integrated digital marketing course. This was delivered at a pace which covered all levels – as a new starter or at an intermediate level. The faculty was able to clear all the doubts related to affiliate marketing and made the session interesting and lively with practical implications related to this channel


Ankit Pandey

Channel Marketing Associate

Digital -Skills Review

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