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LinkedIn Training and Tutorials

Grow your network and your career with LinkedIn. Learn how to use LinkedIn to rock your profile, find your next job, generate leads, start social selling, and connect with important influencers online

LinkedIn, has 332 million active users out of which 26 million are in India, is one of the best social media channels through which you can spread your content and drive traffic to your website or blog

Through the use of LinkediIn as a social media marketing strategy, professionals can generate leads and drive traffic to their website. LinkedIn as a social media channel is more professional and business oriented when compared to twitter and Facebook, hence marketers use LinkedIn precisely for targeted audience.

Moreover, you can use LinkedIn for advertising purpose. In fact, B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn for advertising because of its high success rate. Linkedin marketing is relatively easy. All you need to have are few tips and tricks up your sleeve to utilize this amazing platform to the best possible way for your social media marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn Marketing Course Structure:
1) What is LinkedIn
2) Why to use LinkedIn
3) How to use LinkedIn for marketing
4) Step by Step process for LinkedIn profile creation
5) LinkedIn company pages for marketing
6) Important Tips for successful LinkedIn marketing
7) Practical Exercise
What do you take home – At the end of the course, you will be able to design and create your own LinkedIn profile. You will be able to write effective headlines and content for attracting more people to your profile. You will be able to create your company page and publish relevant content for increasing followers and engagement on your page.

Case Study

Propbuying.com – LinkedIn Marketing

While most companies know that LinkedIn could be very helpful if they managed it efficiently, very few companies have taken the plunge. With the help of Digital Skills, Propbuying has been able to use this Social Media channel effectively with excellent results

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Case Study

Hubmatrix.net – LinkedIn Marketing

Hubmatrix an information technology company dealing in Facility management software was looking to acquire new customers globally they, approached Digital Skills to help them with this, Digital Skills planned a strategy to use LinkedIn

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