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Multichannel Customer Journey Classroom Training

Learn Omnichannel, Multichannel Customer Journey

Multichannel and Integrated Marketing Classroom Training Course

Multi-channel Customer Journey Marketing Training

Today’s customer journey looks vastly different than it used to before the emergence of digital media. Currently, 82% of the consumers consult online before making a purchase in the store. Due to this the customer decision-making journey has been fragmented into many tiny decision-making moments at every stage of the decision funnel right from buying a house to purchasing a blender which is called as the Omnichannel behaviour. A Recent study has shown that the actual footfalls to the stores have decreased yet consumers seem to be spending more when they visit a store, this is only because they have done their research well before walking into the store.

Therefore you need to gain customers consideration and action moment after moment because the new age customers are not loyal to any brands but loyal to their needs. So being there, being useful and being quick are the three strategies that a marketer needs to implement to win the micro moments.

This is not a conventional monologue classroom session, instead, it uses real-time case studies. This practical course provides strategic planning for managing the campaign with multichannel mapping strategies to connect with the target consumers with the right type of content through different digital channels.

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What you'll learn

Multichannel Marketing & Customer Journey Training

The programme starts by looking at the various barriers that restrain multichannel creation supported with both successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

Once completed we will chalk out a strategy to create a campaign plan. This will become the basis for your content and multichannel strategy. It will also help you to map the customer journey with respect to the latest and the most efficient journey models.

This course is specially designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the multiple and integrated digital marketing channels, defining how significant each channel is at every stage of the customer journey and how they work in tandem to produce desired results.


Who should attend Multichannel Marketing & Customer Journey training?

This course is ideal for the marketer, both traditional and digital who are responsible for driving integrated marketing campaigns.

How will I benefit?

At the end of the programme you will be able to :

  • Design a strategic framework for multichannel marketing campaigns
  • To understand the context of multichannel marketing and its significance with today’s dynamically changing world.
  • Understand the current marketing transformation and fragmented customer journey audience shift and digital media.
  • Understanding the importance of quantifying the customer journey

What will I learn from Multichannel Marketing & Customer Journey course?

The Multichannel Marketing & Customer Journey Course is an industry validated certification course:

Multichannel Marketing Course Completion Certificate from Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Planning and strategy

  • Customer Behaviour
  • Channel and customer journey mapping
  • The right channel mix for your campaign
  • Things to consider while designing the creative


  • Understand the significance of the integrated marketing communication
  • Various planning tools used to design integrated multichannel campaigns
  • Considering the objective of the brand and the campaign
  • Media planning and buying and rate negotiation

Measurement and analysis

  • Measuring the campaign effectiveness

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Digital Skills not only covers the Digital marketing tools but also explains how each of these channels work and how the customer behavior changes with respect to the particular channel, to explain this you need an expert who understands how the multi channel customer journey functions.


Chetan Baregar

Business Unit Head – Multiversity Pvt Ltd

Digital Skills Review

I usually don’t like giving glowing feedback as I don’t usually find that it is very constructive, but I can’t find fault with the Digital-Skills course so far; Sujay was excellent, as was all of the handout materials, and the organisation of everything at the institute has been great. This course was really thought provoking


Avinash Manure

Online Marketing Specialist – Symantec

Digital Skills Review

The integrated digital marketing course has given me a fantastic grounding in digital marketing. It is really important to understand the theory and the best practices whilst in the early stages of your career, and this course was the perfect vehicle to do so. The support received from my faculty was great


Vartika Malhotra

Product Manager – Bajaj Finserv

Digital Skills Review

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