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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Classroom Training

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Google Adwords (PPC) & Facebook Advert Classroom Training

Advanced Google Adwords (SEM or PPC) Training Pune

“What is search engine marketing and why should I do a SEM course?” We have the answer. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing is a form of advertising to promote a website or web page with the use of the Google Adwords’ Paid advertising campaigns. It involves a logical methodology of placing bids on “keywords” so your advertisement will be shown for respective Keywords to the users on the first fold of the search engine.

To address the rising demand for digital customer acquisition in any business, search engine marketing (SEM) or pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most time-saving customer acquisition channels of digital marketing. As this medium offers advertisers the right opportunity to place their ads in front of the customers at the right moment (context to purchase intent) when they are fully motivated and ready to make a purchase, no other channel is so influential which is why search engine marketing (PPC) is considered to be so effective and a powerful way to grow your business.

This advanced search engine marketing (SEM or PPC) course will enhance your knowledge pertaining to this critical field and take it to the next level empowering you with practical case studies and hands-on experience with live projects. Whether you want to build your own digital marketing team or you want to take your current campaigns to the next level for optimum delivery of Google Adwords, you have come to the right place.

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What you'll learn

Advance Google Adwords Training Program

The course content of the advanced search engine marketing (SEM) covers tactics and implementation techniques to enhance Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies for the targeted campaigns. In addition, you will be developing the paid advertisement skills on landing page architecture development, keyword bidding and other complex SEM techniques. The Google Adwords Certification course content will also teach you how to incorporate only white hat practices and build robust long term strategy for targeted campaigns. The Google Adwords classroom course’s innovative format is a perfect blend of theory and practical hands-on experience which will help you to understand the minute PPC techniques to the advanced paid search engine marketing (SEM) tactics with real world successes and failures. At the end of the course, you will be able to prepare for the Google Adwords Certification for which we will be providing our free assistance.

Who should attend Advanced Google Adwords Course?

The Advanced Google Adwords Course Content is designed for business owners, professionals working in marketing agencies, executives working in corporate marketing departments, who want to be on top of the game of high- demand and high – reward PPC. The programme is also ideal for SEM executives and managers to manage the client’s account, content writers, entrepreneurs and CMOs who want to drive their business strategies through digital marketing.

How will I benefit from this SEM Course?

Apart from gaining in-depth knowledge about Google AdWords certification courses and search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) techniques, one will learn to grow their business through this performance based marketing channel. By providing a better delivery of the KPIs set by the clients, using driven strategies based on the techniques learnt in PPC. You will be able to immediately drive sales for the organisation.

What will I learn from Advance Search Engine Marketing course?

This is an industry validated certification course on Search Engine Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) course completion certificate from Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd
  • Advanced PPC Concepts
    • Appropriate bidding and keyword strategies
    • Search re-targeting techniques
    • Geographic specific targeting
    • Landing page optimisation techniques
  • Advanced Google AdWords
    • Details about Google Adwords
    • Details about Facebook Advert
    • Incorporating and leveraging Google analytics
    • Campaign funnel optimisation strategies
  • Case Studies
    • Understanding the KPI’s
    • A/B testing execution
    • Matrix for measuring SEM ROI
    • Live SEM success and failures
    • PPC campaign advance optimisation

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Learn from Leading Digital Experts

Our specialist product team’s job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. They work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.


An Industry-Validated Syllabus

We bring together the world’s leading digital brands including Google, Facebook and Twitter to review and approve course content, and define an innovative syllabus that will develop your digital career.


Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an industry-recognized, globally respected qualification. Exams are developed in alignment with the course syllabus, which means that every student is certified to the same standard.


Experience the Global Standard

Our courses are designed and delivered by leading digital experts. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experience, industry advice and best practice tips. We also offer internship.

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Our Past Digital Marketing Apprentices Are Working For Top Companies Across The Globe!

Having read about SEM articles on various websites and blogs I was still in confusion regarding various terms and execution procedures. After a brief search, I came across Digital-Skills which offered courses in various digital marketing verticals like SEO, Social Media, and SEM. I learnt about Digital-Skills faculties who are industry experts


Suyash Adhav

PPC Advertising Associate

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“I wanted to take a moment and tell you what an incredible institute Digital-Skills is for Digital Marketing courses. The course covers the in-depth concepts of Digital Marketing and its implications to your specific business and also helps you solve all your queries related to digital marketing. They also taught some client dealing tactics and other industry trade secrets during the session.”


 Nitin Kamble

Digital Skills Review

If you are thinking of acquiring digital marketing knowledge. It has to be from Digital-Skills because of the high rich content of the course and in-depth explanation of the concepts which makes them the right choice.  I have experienced the course and know how well it explains to promote any business digitally to achieve its business objective


 Shirish Deshpande

Digital Marketing Executive

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