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Advanced Social Media Marketing (SMM) Classroom Course

Learn advanced Social Media Marketing techniques from experienced faculty

Social Media Marketing & Optimisation Classroom Training Pune

Social Media Marketing Courses with Classroom Training

Social Media is now becoming ever present in our lives. A company’s social media marketing efforts now need to be in line with the consumer behaviour. According to research, it has been found that 65% of social media users log onto one or more social media site at least once a day and 50% of the users log in through their Smartphone. A smart digital marketer will learn to encapsulate every aspect of social media marketing in his effort to build his brand while engaging with his customer.

Our Social Media Marketing classroom training course content has been designed in such a manner that everyday users find it easy to relate to their personal experiences and become savvier social media marketers. We also offer digital marketing training on various social media marketing techniques for the students to better understand the processes that are needed to be put in action.

Day by day with the development and evolution of social media marketing, businesses are discovering new ways to engage with their customers, this offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring social media marketers who see a chance of brand building through this rich media engaging customers and boosting sales.

Social Media Classes in Pune

What you'll learn

Social Media Marketing Training Course

Digital Skills social media marketing course content has been specifically designed to ensure that the students get a good practical approach to learning social media marketing tools & techniques. We provide students with tools and strategies that cover every aspect of the social media marketing. The social media marketing courses in Pune not only covers the basic fundamentals of social media marketing but also takes you on the buyer’s journey and helps you identify different methods of communication during different stages of his buying cycle. This course also explains how to set goals, measure them and execute the plan for maximum output.

Who should attend Advance SMM & O training?

The Social Media Marketing Course in Pune is for anyone with a keen interest in making the countless hours spent on various social media platform into a career. This social media marketing & optimization course content will be especially useful for students and fresher’s looking to make a career in the field of Social Media Marketing. Marketing Executives, PR managers, Brand Managers, Entrepreneurs will especially benefit from this course due to their previous experience in marketing to customers.

How will I benefit?

With our Industry Validated Certification Courses in Social Media Marketing, you will get hands on experience working with real live projects. It becomes much easier to crack interviews if you’re on the lookout for social media marketing jobs in Pune. This course also provides entrepreneurs with enough confidence that they can then go ahead and kick start their own promotional campaigns in a more informed manner. Another benefit will be that when people try and confuse you with technical jargon you will be one step ahead of the game and won’t fall into any Social Media Marketing traps.

An additional benefit that you will get from Digital Skills in Pune is that even after the course completion Digital Skills will help and provide free guidance for your personal projects related to social media marketing.

What will I learn from social media marketing& optimization training course?

This is an Industry validated Certification Course in Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing Course Completion Certificate from Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd
  • Introduction to Social Media
    • Social media and its scope
    • Social media implication to marketers
    • Social media merging into the business strategy
  • Social Media Tactics
    • Defining the social media goals
    • Incorporating blogs into social media plan
    • Advertising on Social media
    • Developing a social media marketing plan
    • Creating a social media calendar
    • Handling the top social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation
    • Defining the tracking mechanism
    • Using the various social media measurement tools
    • Setting up the social media campaign funnel
    • Generating customized campaign reports
  • Case Studies
    • Major brands social media case study
    • Using social media for brand awareness


Advance Your Career with our Social Media Marketing Courses in Pune


Learn from Leading Digital Experts

Our specialist product team’s job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. They work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.


An Industry-Validated Syllabus

We bring together the world’s leading digital brands including Google, Facebook and Twitter to review and approve course content, and define an innovative syllabus that will develop your digital career.


Internationally Recognized Accreditation

Upon completion of your course, you will receive an industry-recognized, globally respected qualification. Exams are developed in alignment with the course syllabus, which means that every student is certified to the same standard.


Experience the Global Standard

Our courses are designed and delivered by leading digital experts. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experience, industry advice and best practice tips. We also offer internship.

What Our Digital Marketing Learners Have To Say

Our Past Digital Marketing Learners Are Working For Top Companies Across The Globe!

The Digital Marketing course at Digital-Skills is made so interesting that you turn out to be a passionate digital marketer, let it be any digital channel SEO, SEM, social media or  Affiliate marketing, the sessions are so well organized with proper real life examples that even a lay person can become an expert in digital marketing.


Pranita Nimbalkar

Software Developer  – XuDu Technologies Private Limited

Digital-Skills Feedback

The faculties at Digital-Skills are one of the most learned, innovative and apt for digital & social media marketers that I have come across.They reach to the core of the subject and explains the principle  of each of the topics and how to flawlessly execute each of the digital channels. The planning, execution and analysis of the campaign is taught in detail.


Salil Phatak

Strategic Consultant – Digital Marketing  – D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd

Digital Skills Feedback

Digital Marketing courses are conducted very professionally and teaches how you can become an expert in the Digital media. The student are exposed to all the tricks and trade of digital marketing, making you a true professional. After completing the course I was able to independently handle all the digital marketing campaigns for my company.


Samir Joshi

Digital Marketing –   Social Media     and  ORM Specialist

Digital Skills Review

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