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MIT Digital Marketing Training Case study

MIT School Of Management (MITSOM), Pune – Digital Marketing Training/Workshop Case Study

Campaign Period – September’16 to September’16

Company Profile:

MIT-SOM college provides best under graduate and post graduate education with complete development of students. Its Masters of Business Administration or MBA is a two-year full-time course that is designed to give rise to future professionals rather than mere ‘degree holders’. This course keeps in mind the needs of the industry, where the students ultimately find employment and therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.

Digital objectiveThe Objective:

  • The pace at which new technologies are emerging it has opened up a host of opportunities and challenges for digital marketers. The primary challenge is to keep up with the fast evolving marketing space and technology while the opportunity being the availability of this numerous channels that offers the marketers a chance to pull off an array of creative strategies.
  • Digital marketers today are leveraging all possible channels and besides continuous innovation and creativity, integrating your campaigns across channels can actually give you an edge against your competitor. Also to survive the ever-reducing attention span of users and the attraction of endless content on the web that keeps your prospect moving from one point to another, integrating your campaign across all channels is very soon going to be a “must” to get the best ROI for your digital campaigns.

Digital ChallengeThe Challenge:

  • The institutes cover all the areas of marketing which are quite useful to marketing but they are not often been recontextualized for the fast-moving world of digital marketing.
  • The rising trend shows that young professionals are sharp, thoughtful digital natives but they don’t have the online marketing skills required in today’s marketplace.
  • As today’s marketing professional services has moved from one of brochures and direct mail to online content marketing and social media campaigns and various other digital marketing channels.
  • Young professionals have a better chance of being placed in one of the digitally forward thinking companies by learning the core concepts of digital marketing

Digital Strategy IconThe Strategy:

  • Digital Skills planned a tailored made theory & practical sessions for students
  • Trainers experts in their fields were chosen to deliver the training & guided students personally on their doubts
  • Training material was distributed through google group,for the students future reference
  • Planned the presentation material along with marketing theory & explained them from layman’s context
  • To show the live account of the clients for better understanding of the topics

Digital Result IconThe Execution:

  • Delivered introduction to digital marketing session seven days before actual workshop starts
  • Engaged students before starting the workshop on different case studies & knowledge base to generate interest and attention towards ‘Digital Marketing’
  • During the entire workshop we split the session into “Theory-Practical-Casestudy’ which have ensured 100% student engagement
  • The small group activities actually help student to understand importance of integrated digital marketing
  • After completion of 6 days workshop, we had assigned live projects along with real execution tools.
  • Offered six student, who were outstanding in response, with two months virtual/office assisted internship

Digital Super ManThe Results:

  • 48 Students had registered for the workshop
  • We received an outstanding rating of 8.6/10 for the workshop conducted
  • The student were aware of the various digital marketing channels
  • Had a complete understanding of how each of the digital marketing channels are executed
  • Gained confidence regarding the digital marketing media and were ready to apply for digital marketing management trainee jobs

Ujwala Bairagi – Professor MBA, MIT School of management Pune

Digital Skills conducted integrated digital marketing training/workshop for our MBA students at our campus, which was a rigorous 5 days workshop, where all the digital marketing channels were covered in details, and the students were very happy & satisfied to attend this workshop which was one of its kind, because it was a practical based workshop and not a theory workshop, they have learnt a lot of techniques and concepts of Digital marketing. I and my institute look forward to conducting many more workshops for our student in the future so that more students can benefit.
MIT Digital Marketing Training workshop

Digital Marketing Training/Workshop Case Study of MIT School of Management

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