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11 Additional Features in the New Google Search Console

11 Additional Features in the New Google Search Console

Posted by DigitalSkills in Uncategorized 30 Oct 2018
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Incepted in January 2018, the beta version of Google Search Console that underwent several trials based on user feedbacks has finally gone live. The new toolbar has evolved into a more comprehensive and user-oriented menu bar. The brand new version of Google Search Console has upgraded itself to add 11 new features, helping website plan, compute and perform in a better manner.

The Concept of the New Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a newly launched web service that helps webmaster manage websites in a better and informed manner. It is an assembly of vital tools and resources that allow webmasters, SEO professionals and digital marketers to keep track of the indexing status and also improve the efficacy of the website SEO. The new Google Search Console offers some result-oriented benefits including information about search traffic, search appearance, technical status updates, crawling, and many other resources, simplifying and improving the web management process.

Google Search Console Features

Let us explore the new features offered by Google Search Console. These features help webmasters augment the commercial, technical as well user-oriented competence of the websites they manage.

Data Features

  • Accurate Web Content View: This helps with an accurate view of your website content through the application of the Index Coverage Report, and also know what all pages have been indexed and what all haven’t.
  • 16 Months Historical View of Search Analytics Data: Considering the importance of keeping track of and measuring the website’s performance in Google SERPs, Google Search Console helps track historical search analytics data upto 16 months, thus letting webmasters asses back dated data and references, and their relevance in the present context.
  • Link Info Pointing to the Website: The comprehensive links report helps you review the information on all the links pointing to and within your website.
  • Retrieve Crawling, Indexing and Serving Information from Google Index: Using the URL inspection tools help retrieve crawling, indexing and serving information for any URL from the Google Index.

Alerts and Fixes

  • Automatic Alerts: There are multiple invisible changes that keep happening at the back end of the search engines. The automatic alerts enable tracking page listing affected by crawling, indexing, mobile usability, AMP, recipes, or job posting issues, etc.
  • HTML Code: HTML codes play an important role in the webpage styles, further affecting other factors including rankings, etc. The newly added features offer reports that display the HTML codes, and determine the necessity for fixing the code.
  • Quick Information Sharing: The dynamic nature of search engines requires webmasters to share the necessary information with the relevant teams and fix the issue.
  • Notifying Google: Notifying Google about the changes is now simpler and quicker. Google reviews the changes, verifies the resolution, and returns a validation report.

Sitemaps and Account Settings Management

  • Inform Google on the Site Structure: Google can now be kept informed on your site structure, through the submission of detailed sitemaps.
  • Individual URL Submission: Google has ceased the public version of the URL submission tool. It now advises to post individual URLs for indexing and allows submission of upto 10 URLs during the entire day.
  • New Site Addition: Google Search Console now allows you to introduce new sites to your account, along with the ability to invite new users and manage users as well.

The key objective to use Google Search Console to be able to track, measure, improve and manage the website’s performance, through multiple interactions with Google. It comes in as a useful tool for digital marketers as website management and performance is now more streamlined than ever.

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