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5 Crucial Tips For An Effective Landing Page

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, Learn Search Engine Optimization 16 Sep 2017
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Essential tips required when designing an effective landing page

Maybe you do have that awesome website and that amazing product. Maybe your online sales efforts are tremendous but you are still not able to convert the customers that come to your website. Have you ever wondered why that is? The problem could be your landing page.

What is a landing page you wonder?

Well simply put a landing page is one where your customers will arrive or “land on” when they click on a hyperlink on another online resource.

Let’s say for instance you are promoting your product or service on Facebook. Each of your posts contains (or should) a link from which your visitors can visit the section of the website you are referring to. It could be the home page or the product/service page. What is it about this page that will want the customer to browse your website and/or take the next step in the buyer’s journey?

Picking which page your customers should land on is as important as what is on the landing page, but that is a topic for another day. Right now we’re going to discuss what makes an effective landing page and

How to design the best most effective landing pages:

Your Landing Page should be clean and well organized: We mean that the user experience when he arrives on your page should be superfluous. He should know on getting there what the next steps are effortless. In our HubSpot Inbound Marketing Classroom training in Pune, we provide an extremely detailed methodology that you need to apply to ensure that the user experience is one of awe.

Less is More: You are getting the prospective customer to this specific page because there is an action that you expect the customer to take. Don’t clutter your landing pages with more information than is absolutely necessary. Like I mentioned in the point above, your landing pages should be clean and well organized. Sometimes Less is truly more. Use colours and fonts to grabs the users attention to specific areas of the page rather than having to drag their attention there via other means.

Provide Value in the header: As soon as the prospect reaches your landing page he should know why he is there. Do you want him to fill up a form to get a free E-Book, a white paper? You have to provide the customer with some value if he is going to share his information with you. But remember what you think is valuable isn’t always what really is for the customers. Design several offers with different words, images and test them out to find out what appeals to your customer the most. Our Inbound Marketing Classes takes you on a journey of the customer, puts you in their shoes and lets you find out for yourself what it is that the customer is seeking.

Ask for only what is necessary: When you as a customer have to fill out a form on another website, do you enjoy entering all the information they ask for, or is it the case of, now why do they need my birthday to send me an E-Book? Usually, a name and an email id are more than enough to information to capture from the prospect.

Keep Testing: After all your research, and study you have made your way to what you think is the best landing page, but your prospects are still not converting to leads? Re-do the page, one variable at a time. Change the font, see if it makes a difference. Change the colour of the Call To Action button. Change the text on the CTA button. You have to keep trying different permutations and combinations till you see a marked improvement in your conversion rates.

The Digital Skills Integrated Digital Marketing Course offers you all of these tips and more when you enroll. We have barely scratched the surface of what can be done to make improve your conversion rate and improve the ROI for your marketing spends. If you would like to take a deeper look into these techniques why don’t you sign up for a free demo and we can take it from there.

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