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5 reasons why internship is important for fresher in Digital Marketing

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing 04 Apr 2017
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The relevance and importance of an Internship in Digital Marketing


Fresh out of college and you must be looking for the best internship opportunities around. In the digital marketing industry, the opportunities are vast and the work quite interesting. Depending upon your choices, an internship could be the best step forward to a successful career ahead.

Internships pave the way for self-empowerment while allowing freshers to use their education and skills constructively. Considering the highly digitized world that we live in today, a career in digital marketing in India offer huge opportunities for growth, learning, and financial success. It’s not surprising why so many freshers look towards becoming a part of the industry. However, the best way to gain an entry and make a mark is through an internship. Getting yourself into a professional digital marketing training or an internship program for a reputed company offers several advantages.

  1. Getting on-field experience

If you get lucky enough to bag a good internship, it will always prove highly beneficial to your career ahead. Apart from the workplace exposure, you get to learn what it means to be actually working in the real world, with real customers and by building digital tools and strategies. The internship will also expose you to professionals in a more stable and controlled environment.

  1. Learn the marketing lingo

This is not something that would be taught in your college or any other educational institute. It is only when you start being a part of a professional environment and you start observing the way it works and subsequently learn the necessary soft skills to be able to contribute. Internships, in this case, will also give you the hand’s on experience to understand the pace of the workplace and help you build the confidence necessary for your digital marketing career progression.

  1. Increase your networking ability

Networking has the ultimate goal of establishing professional relationships and acquaintances with people who are a part of the digital marketing industry. While you can also start building a network without an internship, it would highly limit your reach. Being in an actual workplace will expose you to businesses, clients, and customers who will be able to guide and help you in your future endeavors.

  1. Strengthen your CV

An internship position in your CV will show that you have a fair idea of what the position is about and are ready to work. Top recruiters look for candidates with internship training as they necessary are more capable of holding on to the responsibilities presented to them. The internship certificate further proves that you have put your competencies in the right directions while contributing to the roles attached to your internship.

  1. Learn From Industry Practitioners

The core facets of digital marketing industry are constantly changing. What you might have learned in your college/training institute might not be completely relevant to the position you might be applying for. Learning under experts ensure that you are not only updated with the industry but also learn how to handle the changes. A successful digital marketing expert is one who can constantly come up with new strategies and tools for the business while offering an expertise and specialization. This can only happen when you are learning at fast paced environment under industry experts.

The digital marketing is a booming industry. Not only is it creating thousands of new jobs every year but also offers a healthy compensation for the best professionals. Getting into an internship program is certainly the best first steps towards digital marketing career growth. You should start thinking of an opportunity with a reputed digital marketing agency.

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