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5 Tips on Finding a Digital Marketing Mentor

5 Tips on Finding a Digital Marketing Mentor

Posted by DigitalSkills in Uncategorized 12 Apr 2019
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Starting a career in digital marketing can be quite confusing, without proper guidance. With Digital Marketing being the latest trending career, most people are looking to start their career in the industry, or switch their career to digital marketing. With a lot to learn and a huge space for more creativity, Digital Marketing truly holds a wide scope. Here are the best tips for finding the best digital marketing mentor, to support you and boost your understanding of the industry.

Tips on Finding a Digital Marketing Mentor

When looking to find a digital marketing mentor, keeping a few aspects in mind can help a great deal in your understanding of digital marketing;

  • Do some initial research

The first step is to get some understanding of the industry before you can actually go ahead and choose a mentor. There are a large number of books and videos available, that can give you some insight into the trends and techniques involved in digital marketing, which can help you scope out potential mentors to choose.

  • Sign up for a digital marketing class

Digital marketing classes give you two things; the first is adequate information you need on digital marketing, and the second is an instructor, who can answer all your questions. Most good digital marketing classes in Pune have a great, expert faculty, who you can choose as a digital marketing mentor. This allows for personalized teaching and a friendly relationship where you feel comfortable and supported.Digital marketing Class Pune

  • Attend Professional marketing conferences

Conferences are the best place to meet experts in the industry and connect with some knowledgeable Digital Marketing specialists who are truly masters in the field. Forums and associations are your best place to interact with a large number of experts and choose one of them to be your mentor.

  • Apply for a digital marketing internship

Nothing beats practical work and strong industry experience. An internship in a good digital marketing agency gives you both, experience, as well as access to a digital marketing expert who can guide you. This gives you the opportunity to explore your strengths, gain knowledge, and imbibe a strong work culture.

  • Find authors of blogs

If you’re unsure of who to approach as your mentor, look for trending blogs that are read by numerous people. Most people are always accessible through social media and other platforms. You can always get in touch with the author you find interesting and try your luck.

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