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A Climb To The Top

Posted by Jay Gaad in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, Learn Search Engine Optimization 22 Aug 2017
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It happens so often that we at Digital Skills get clients that want to feature on the first page of google or other search engines from the very first day. If the client was in a niche space with zero or relatively low competition, this can be achieved very quickly.  As we all know though, this is hardly the scenario that we face on a regular basis. I have noted an incident that happened with me when I had gone for a trek and the parallels that I drew from it about the current marketing scenario.

After a tiring week at work, a few friends and I got together and decided to trek to Tikona Fort over the weekend. We would spend one-night camping by Pawna Lake and wake up early the next morning and start our climb. We reached the campsite at 7 PM. Luckily for us, the sun was just setting and it gave us plenty of time and light to set up camp and prepare for the night. The sky looked clear so we were looking forward to lazing around the bonfire, cooking up some meals on the barbeque and just star gazing the night away.

Learn SEO, Trekking BLOG, Learning SEO in Pune

As we were just done setting up camp a young bunch of travellers with similar ideas (or so I thought) set up camp not too far away from our own. As we got done with dinner the other group started playing really loud music by their tents. They were creating a downright ruckus by the lake and that wasn’t at all harmonious with the sounds of nature. We woke up the following morning not having fully rested because as we were waking up their “party” was just winding down (why go all the way to the lap of nature to have the same parties that you could at any night club I often wonder?). What I was looking forward to was a night to chill, to rejuvenate all that is lost to us in the cities. This just goes to show how little control we have over the circumstances that we will face. It’s very important to be flexible with your plans, both at work and in life.

Trekking as you all must be aware is more a sport of endurance than speed. It is about having the never back down attitude. It’s like they say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. SEO practices are similar; you need to have a lot of endurance and patience to get to the top. It’s not just a matter of getting the job done in a matter of days or weeks. It could take a few months, but the results are worth the effort.

Learn SEO, SEO Classes in Pune, SEO courses in Pune, Trekking Blog

We knew this trek would be especially difficult, not only were we not fully rested, the rains had made the path extremely boggy and we would have to push our bodies pretty far to get to the top. If you have a well-experienced leader though it makes the job much easier because if he/she has the right experience there are always tricks of the trade that can be applied and make the route upwards much faster.

Learn SEO in Pune, SEO Classes in Pune, SEO courses in Pune, Trekking Blogs

We never had it in our mind to quit because we’re very focused individuals. Once we got to the top we knew we had made the right choice because the view was absolutely fabulous. It took longer than expected but all our tiredness, all our fatigue was wiped out instantly with just the view. We sat there for more than an hour just admiring it, showing each other our battle scars and discussing our experience in the climb.

The road to the top is not easy, but when you are patient and working with digital marketing leaders like digital skills in Pune, you will make it to the top, where the view is just spectacular.

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