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Affiliate Marketing Case Study – Finance Sector Client

Posted by DigitalSkills in Affiliate Marketing Case Study, Digital Marketing Case Studies 31 Dec 2017
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You know the Digital Era is truly upon us when there is not a single industry that can thrive without the support of Digital platforms. Even the financial industry has not been spared and banks and other financial institutions are developing and publishing apps that are secure, easy to use and provide a sense of convenience to the customers. We have a few clients who are in the financial sector as well.

Client Overview:

Our client is in the business of providing fast and secure financial solutions to their customers. They already had a well-established website which was doing quite well. However, they kept getting constant requests from their customers about publishing an app which would make the process simpler and available on the go. To attract more customers and to retain the ones they already had one of our clients was publishing a new mobile app on the Playstore. This new financial service product would allow their users to make trades which are quick, efficient and more importantly secure.


Objective Of Client:

The client was fairly well known to its current crop of customers, but the brand recognition did not spread far. The objective of the client was to get as many downloads from the Playstore as they could for their mobile app. Since Digital Skills also provides Affiliate Marketing Services in Pune we suggested that the client should go via that route.


Challenges Faced By Digital Skills:

Since the product they were launching was new it would be an effort to educate the end customer. There was not enough information about the product so there would be a need to educate not just the end customers but our partners as well. The end customer to be targeted was in a very niche segment. Not everyone would be interested in the product. Even if they were interested in the product it would take an effort to get them to use the app.


Affiliate Marketing Strategy Approach:

Digital Skills has a small but very effective network of affiliate marketers that we trust and work with on a continuous basis. We did a lot of research about the kind of customer segment that would be interested in this product group. Our research suggested that we should target, high net worth, affluent households whose levels of education are more than graduation. These individuals would not only understand the product the best but also come to love the service provided by it. We provided our partners with strict guidelines as to the type of customer we would like to attract to this product.


Although the task at hand was just to garner as many downloads as possible, we understand and appreciate our clients business model. To really be worth their weight in salt a digital marketing agency should not only do the work assigned to them, but rather provide additional value to the client when possible.


This is one of the primary reasons why Digital Skills is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing agencies in Pune. Our belief in being not just an agency to our clients but a partner in their efforts to succeed is what makes us better than the competition.


Execution Of The Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

With the detailed plan being shared with the affiliate partners Digital Skills was in supervision mode. There were daily calls with the partners as well as the clients to provide them with a detailed analysis on the progress of the day. Since there was a steep educational process involved it would take some time for the results to show. However, our affiliate partners were able to work wonders and they were able to deliver relevant downloads from end customers from day one itself. Their initial target was 1000 downloads to be achieved which they wanted to do in a very small period. This would not have been possible if Digital Skills was not able to find the right publishers who were capable of doing this task.



Digital Skills was able to complete the given task in a timely manner. It took the affiliate team to get to 1000 downloads within 4 days. For a product that was not highly known and for such a niche service this was quite a remarkable achievement. The client was also quite pleased with the result and we are now working even more closely with them to plan the future launches in a more focused manner.


If you would like to avail of our Digital Marketing Services then leave us a message and we will promptly get back to you. Our one of a kind planning and execution of the best digital marketing strategies has proved extremely lucrative to our existing clients. Why don’t you join their esteemed ranks? Give us a call today and get a free consultation.

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