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Digital Marketing Course to Empower Housewives and Digital Moms

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Certifications, Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune, Learn Search Engine Optimization 02 Jul 2018
Digital Moms & Digital Housewife

Digitalization, as we all know, is influencing and changing the way businesses are operated. And, not only the business world, but it has reached every house-hold transforming and simplifying our daily chores as well. Alot of women, once married, get engrossed in their household responsibilities to the extent that they seldom find the time to keep themselves abreast of the technology changes trending around. Hence, for such women, who lately haven’t been able to keep up with the latest changes, here’s a course aimed at honing their digital skills and also at contributing to women empowerment by bringing them back in business. This blog principally talks about the course content, and how would the course offered by Digital-Skills help new-age digital moms to increase their competence in the digital market.

This course is designed and conducted by Digital-Skills.in a division of Yashus Digital Marketing, Pune’s leading digital marketing company. With its proven digital marketing expertise, Digital-Skills has identified the need for creating a qualified and professional digital marketing workforce that would fulfill the ever-growing digital marketing needs of the business world. This course constitutes the conceptual as well as industry-relevant practical aspects of digital marketing that would help homemakers work from home, and build their identity in the market. Here’s more to the course details.

Developing Digital Marketing Skills with Digital-Skills

This blog, as it proceeds, will discuss various aspects associated with the digital marketing course and the need for digital marketing training for housewives in the modern-context.

Outline of the Course Content

This course covers all the important dimensions of digital marketing necessary to be learned in the modern business age. This course begins with learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, and as it progresses, deals with important facets such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) to grow online sales, content marketing, designing and implementing digital marketing strategies, pay-per-click management (PPC), email/ SMS marketing, Google and Facebook paid advertising to fetch leads and sales, self-digital branding, and many others developing their digital skills and making them competitive digital marketers all set to take up real-world challenging projects. Since Yashus deals with a vast array of clients, this course would help digital moms to seek an understanding of dealing with the digital marketing needs of clients from different domains, thereby building the expertise and capability to work on diverse projects.

Who should do this Course?

This course is specially meant for women who are willing to make a comeback, by working as freelancers. This course would help such women to positively utilize their time at home and earn a considerable amount, thus transforming from being dependent homemakers to independent women supporting their family. Apart from housewives, aspiring digital marketers can also join this course and make their way in the industry.

Why should Housewives Learn Digital Marketing?

The foremost reason to learn digital marketing is the fact that digital marketing is the present, as well as the future! But, digital marketing, like other professions, does not necessarily require you to travel places. All you require is a laptop and an internet connection! Hence, it is one of the best options for housewives who wish to work from home, and yet keep up with their profession. Homemakers are certainly benefited out of this course as digital marketing earns them a considerable amount of money, and also helps them gain industrial exposure by working on live-projects and establishing industry-wide contacts.

Again, as indicated earlier as well, digitalization, as a concept and as a business strategy, is growing leaps and bounds. Knowing digitalization in the years to come would become imperative, and that’s how pursuing this course becomes important. Housewives especially, through this course, can capitalize on the upcoming opportunity and build a great career and a strong portfolio around it, regardless whether they choose to work as a freelancer, or later, on a full-time basis.

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