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Do you know the answers to these digital marketing interview questions?

Do you know the answers to these digital marketing interview questions?

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing, Characteristics of A Digital Marketing Expert 08 Apr 2019
Digital Marketing Scope in 2019

If you have any interviews lined up for a digital marketing opening, you’ve probably scoured the internet for digital marketing interview questions that you’re most likely to be asked. While technical questions are common and likely to be asked, in order to test your knowledge, the interviewer will also ask you a few questions to test your true understanding of the field, creativity, problem-solving ability, and experience.  The technical questions are easy to answer if you know the subject, but how you put your knowledge to practice is a different story. Here are the most asked digital marketing questions for freshers and experienced executives, which make or break how your interview goes.

5 most asked digital marketing interview questions in 2019

These are the most asked digital marketing questions that don’t simply test your theoretical knowledge, but other factors required in digital marketing, as well as some tips on answering them with confidence:

  • How will your skill-set provide value to the company?

The main motive behind this question is for the interviewer to understand your strengths and abilities. Hence, remain calm and composed, and focus more on your unique strengths, with evidence-based points to back them. Look for skills that are more practical than knowledge based.

  • How much would you rate yourself from 1 to 5 as a digital marketer?

Don’t aim too low, as it may reflect as low self-confidence, but rather go over your skills and knowledge, as well as your shortfalls, and think of the closest number. Remember not to overestimate yourself either.

  • How do you stay updated with the latest trends in digital marketing?

Be honest and mediums such as blogs, websites, etc. that you regularly follow. If not, you may want to do some research before going for your interview. Go ahead and name a few blogs and articles as well.

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  • Is there anything we can improve on or are doing wrong now? How would you solve it?

A strict no-no is to say there’s nothing wrong with their strategy. Agencies look for people who can bring improvement to their strategies for better results. You will likely need to do some background research about the company beforehand, to answer this question. Be honest and straightforward about any downfalls, and offer logical solutions.

  • Do you think Digital Marketing will replace Traditional Marketing in the future?

Each person has conflicting views on whether Digital Marketing will ever replace traditional marketing. However, whatever your opinion on the topic is, make sure to back it with logic and reason.

Being prepared for an interview makes you feel confident. Having the right answers to these commonly asked questions makes you stand out from the crowd. An excellent digital marketing Course can help giving you the right theoretical and practical knowledge. Want to learn Digital Marketing from the best in the industry? What are you waiting for? At Digital Skills, learn the core aspects of Digital Marketing, first-hand from experts in the industry. Embrace the practical way of learning, as you work on live projects and hone your skills. With interactive classes, and a wealth of knowledge at your abode, you can make your digital marketing campaign the most talked about thing, right now.

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