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Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Posted by DigitalSkills in Content Writing 26 Oct 2018
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Content has been the most crucial element of the virtual cosmos. A relevant and well-written content does wonders to the website. However, a poor and abrupt content could result otherwise. That’s how critical content is! Therefore, as a budding content writer, it is necessary to understand the dos and don’ts of content writing to be better and sensible content and copywriter.

What is Website Content Writing?

Web content writing involves writing relevant, authentic and readable content for websites. Being logical and relevant refers to the content’s association with the subject-matter, and to the targeted audience of the website. Hence, a particular content has to be aligned with the subject matter and be readable, intriguing and interactive enough to drive visitors to the website.

The Commercial Importance of Content and Blog Writing

Today, almost every content piece has got a commercial value tethered to it. In SEO content writing, for example, website owners demand SEO content that would rank well on SERPs and prove commercially beneficial. That is how content has graduated from being an information excerpt to a commercial dimension.

Dos and Don’ts of Content Writing

As an aspiring content writer, you must know some basics of content writing so that you evolve into a well-informed, composed and polished content writer.

Do’s of Content Writing

  • Being clear and concise: Usually, users are short of time. They prefer reading content that conveys the point quickly and effectively. A content writer’s talent is adjudged by his/ her abilities to put forth points in a clear, concise, and yet an interesting and relevant manner.


  • Explore Content Areas and Types: Sticking to a specific content type or domain may restrict your creativity, making you sound repetitive. As a content writer, it is important that you explore your own creativity, and tap other content types and areas in order to prosper as a writer.


  • Research Well: Researching offers a wider perspective for writing. It contributes to a flawless and organic looking content. Researching also establishes your expertise at the subject matter thereby letting readers enjoy as well as learn from the content.


  • Proofreading: Spelling mistakes, incorrect sentences, and punctuations could all frustrate the readers, and spoil your content. Hence, it is necessary that you proofread the content for grammatical mistakes, its flow, unnecessary exclamations, repeated words, irrelevant statements, etc. Submit the content, only when it is absolutely error-free.


Don’ts of Content Writing

  • Complicated Content: Often, content writers, in the pursuit of creativity, tend to write complicated sentences, write unnatural content and make it unnecessarily complex. This disrupts reading, as an unnecessary or a complicated word or sentence may break the reader’s flow of reading.


  • Plagiarized Content: Plagiarized content is a strict NO! The key here is to research and write content that’s absolutely authentic. Using online plagiarism tools could help you identify plagiarism in your content, further calling for changes in it.


  • Dry and Dull Content: Often, writers when confronted with complicated sentences tend to write dry and dull content just to sound simple. Simple doesn’t refer to writing dry, dull and a monotonous content. In fact, it implies writing content that is easy to understand, yet enjoyable.


  • Offensive Content: Offensive blog/ website/ article writing could land you in trouble. Avoid making remarks on anything that is sensitive, and something that could have legal consequences or result in social rage.


As a content writer, it is imperative that you remain internally calm, neutral and composed when you write. Your content may reflect your emotions. Hence, it is necessary that you remain objective and reader-oriented. Hope this blog would help you improve as a content writer.

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