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Graduating in 2017? Your Career Guide to the Job Market

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing 22 Apr 2017
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Graduation is indeed a tricky medicine for some but the career after that is just as tricky, vicious and important. Sometimes finding the right job can be difficult and gruesome. While some fortunate folks enjoy doing what they always wanted to, some people just have to find the job that suits them best.If you are a fresh graduate graduating this year in 2017, these are some of the most lucrative and the most prospective jobs lined up for you along with a brief description of the industry and its nature.


“Sales” is the most lucrative, easily available, most times hectic and sometimes a demanding job and this year will be no different. With the superabundance of aspiring start-ups coming up combined with the corridor of ever-heightening industrial, healthcare – all-around business growth will always need sales professionals to channel the sales to their customers. If you love to travel, field sales are the right job for you although you might have to spare precious family time now and then.Though the job is well-paid, the initial struggle is incumbent for a successful career ahead and whether it is in-house sales or field sales, there is always the extra burden of a monthly target involved.


If numbers are your thing, accounting is another profession hotly preferred for you.It is from the accounts section that every business transaction is done and recorded. Most of the times, an accountant will be seen delved into the computer screen, verifying, dismissing and doing closures of the micro-elements of the business process. Whether it is the automobile industry, a fancy mall or a hospitality service, an account’s job is crucial and respected. An accountant is less prone to traveling, their everyday work involves a lot of mundane repetitive tasks and most of the daily times will see them subjected to their cabins.


Back-office involves a lot of different job profiles like customer relations, voice-processing, tele-calling, data entry and several others which you might consider. The work of a back-office executive is often undermined but they are integral to the entire set-up of businesses. Choosing this career path will make you aware of business and how it runs from the back of the office; how customers are important and how their queries are resolved. Back-office jobs are themselves very low-key profile and they present a low-key growth perspective without putting the further study in the picture.

Digital Marketing

Perhaps the job of this year, the digital marketing industry is about to witness a boom that it deserves in India. “Everything can be found on Google!” think about it and the application of digital marketing in different industries is growing by the day. Should you choose this career path, you will understand the various online channels, their effectiveness in capturing sales, content marketing and strategies, the nuances of using social branding and strategies to fuel a brand’s image and many more tools together. Eye-flashy creativeness, out-of-the-hat ideas will be the order of the day as this job will require you to be in the #trend.The job is paid well; promises consistent growth and what’s great is that most top brands prefer to use their online presence today. So the time is ripe!

We at Digital Skills, the best digital marketing institute in Pune, pride ourselves with providing industry-specific learning to our student with pin-point case studies, research papers of clients to deliver hands-on experience to you. In learning the art of using digital marketing yourself to promote a business and drive sales, we believe you can become an expert digital marketer.

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