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How “Mobile” Is Your Business?

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Course, Mobile Marketing in Pune 11 Aug 2017
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How to understand the Business of Mobile Marketing in Pune

Let’s be honest, if you’re not busy working, you’re probably spending most of your time on the phone socialising with your friends over the internet. Think about all the people that are just like you. If you have a business that you run wouldn’t you want to spread the news about your business on the platform that your customers are using the most?

Businesses are constantly trying to update their marketing strategies to ensure good business growth with the use of integrated marketing techniques. We at Digital Skills in Pune believe that unless you have included mobile in the list of priorities you haven’t actually completed your integrated marketing planning. There are several reasons why mobile is important to the current scenarios, we’ve listed down some points below:


  • There are 5.007 BILLION Unique Smart Phone Users in the world. That’s a 67% penetration into the world population
  • Every Day there are 2.7 BILLION people, logging into their social media accounts via their smart phone.
  • That’s 180 Million people every day accessing Facebook or other Social Media Platform through their mobiles only in India.


Your business can no longer afford to be without a digital presence.

Google see’s huge potential for its businesses in India and has made it possible to now create a simple website within a matter of minutes on their platform, this will do for many local retailers but for slightly larger organizations, you will need to build websites with better capabilities.


Mobile Marketing in Pune, Mobile Marketing Agency in Pune


But in the current scenario, there is a gap between what is perceived as digital property design & Usability-Customer Experience.

Consider the training methods for example; digital training institutes today are taking students by the boat loads and teaching them generic digital marketing methods. They mention “mobile” as a throwaway suggestion and move on. They themselves are not mobile enough to see the potential of the role of a smart device in digital marketing and they are certainly lacking in that area.

You can say it is true that the Indian telecom infrastructure is still growing in certain areas and technology will take longer to adapt here than in more developed countries. But just to go off topic, let me ask you a question, who was the first man to step on the moon? That’s right Neil Armstrong. The second, Buzz Aldrin. Now can you name the 3rd or the 4th of the 5th? Not without a little bit of research. My point being, you need to step up the efforts of being an adopter in this domain rather than a laggard. It could impact your business adversely if you do not take the right action now.Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune

We have developed responsive web properties, mobile applications for retail and b2b businesses, and our wide experience in performance digital marketing with usability & customer experience surely creates a first mover advantage to our clients. If you want more information on how to get your business more mobile friendly you can get in touch with us.

Do what you must, to get your business mobile friendly.


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