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How We’re Helping Our Client With His SEO Needs – A SEO Case Study

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Case Studies, SEO Case Study 28 Dec 2017
SEO Case Study

As most of you will be aware, Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial step in the Digital Marketing setup. It enables you to get your business noticed more often via the organic method. An organic search is one where Google provides the answer to the question based on the algorithm of its crawlers. Basically, SEO services are availed when you would like your website on the first page of Google. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that SEO takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. More time than can be anticipated.

SEO services are an art and a science. Google never actually tells you what the ranking factors are in an algorithm. You either have to take an educated guess and go in one direction or choose to do a lot of your own research before reaching a conclusion. What most people tend to do is to make changes on their website and hope that they have made the right decision based on an educated guess. SEO gives you very little time to sit back and enjoy your success because Google is constantly updating their code to refine their search results. This makes it extremely hard for SEO executives to know what will work and what won’t from one week to the next.

Brief Client Background:

We were approached by a client to do some SEO work for them. They had a set of keywords they wanted to rank for in a very highly competitive field. Since they were also from an IT background they understood the challenges that SEO executives face and were quite understanding about the timelines that we had set.

Challenges For This SEO Case Study:

Work on the project started in mid-October. During the course of our research, we found that currently, the client was not ranking for even a single keyword within the first 10 pages of Google. If you do not understand the significance of that statement, take a while to understand that each page of Google displays 10 results. That means that the client was showing up beyond “rank 100”. Most people do not look beyond the second page of Google for their answer. Since the client’s website was relatively new, we would have to do a lot of work to try and build domain authority for the website.

The keywords that the client wanted to rank for were in a highly competitive space. This was going to be more than an uphill climb. It was definitely going to be challenging and we thrive and move ahead with the pressure.

SERP Results before SEO from Digital Skills


The SEO Strategy:

  • During our research, we found that although technically the site was “adequate” there could still be a lot of improvement made. We had a strategy in place to deal with the technical SEO for the website. We would need support from the clients end to fix or improve on certain site parameters.
  • We also noticed that the content on the site was quite thin. We would need to revamp the content on the website to make it more SEO Friendly. Update the Content along with all the meta tags such as Meta Title, Meta Description etc.
  • Work Would Also be done off the website to try and build as much authority to the website as we could. This would include several link building strategies.


The Execution Of The SEO Strategy:

We got to work as soon as our research process had ended. As I have already mentioned the client was not ranking even in the first 10 pages of Google. So we had to work effectively and efficiently. We sent the technical changes that were needed to make the site competitive to the website developer who got working on the project right away. We then went about fixing the website content. We noticed that the content was not only too thin, but there were no updates being made to the content. Blogs were not being published on a regular basis. So we went about fixing that too. We updated all the metadata to sync with the customer’s goals. In short, we took care of all the SEO efforts that we possibly could from our end. We also introduced structured Data onto the website. This is supposed to make it easier for the website to speak to the Google Crawlers. Not a lot of SEO Companies in Pune are working with structured data, but we are pioneering the effort because we believe that in the future Google will provide an update to its algorithm that provides better rankings to sites that have coded structured data into their site.


We first started noticing the results of our efforts a month after we started. It may seem like a long time, but if you believe in the process than you know that you will get the results. It wasn’t a big improvement, but we were seeing movement in the right direction.

SERP Results After SEO Activity


As is evident from the picture, the ranking has been steadily improving over weeks. We have been monitoring them very closely and we are noticing an improvement in the ranking from the week before. This is a huge step. In just two months we were able to get the rankings to below 100 for most of the keywords the clients wanted to rank for. This is very encouraging for us and we will continue to move forward with the work. We hope to be able to make a dent in the more established companies that are already ranking very high and try and sneak a place in the top 10 of Google.



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