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Is Digital Marketing a Safe Bet in an Automated World?

Is Digital Marketing a Safe Bet in an Automated World?

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Courses in Pune 08 Jul 2017
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How will Automated Processed affect your job and what are you doing to secure your future?

In the 21st century, automation has become a necessary evil that undoubtedly accelerates technological advancement but is also one of the key contributors to the ongoing trend of job cuts in India. As per a study conducted by the World Bank, automation poses a threat to a whopping 69% of the jobs in the country and leading HR firms claim that by 2021, one out of four job cuts in the world may be from India. This prediction seems to be accurate because in 2017 itself, leading IT firms such as Wipro, Infosys, and Accenture have laid off hundreds of employees. One of the major reasons behind these job cuts is the development of artificial intelligence that can easily automate the work done by multiple IT employees, providing faster and possibly more accurate results.

These numbers may sound extremely discouraging to those who are about to embark on their professional journey and are currently looking for lucrative job opportunities. A smart move will be to develop skills that require intuition and innovative ideas, to perform tasks that a machine cannot accomplish. Digital marketing jobs offer such profiles that heavily rely on the creative spark possessed by human beings. Here are some of the reasons why building a career in digital marketing is the safest bet in an automated world.

Why Digital Marketing?

The Increasing Job Opportunities –

While industries such as IT,  and banking are seeing a dip in the number of recruitments per year, figures collected from the top job portals in India suggest that there are approximately 8 lakh openings in the country for digital marketing professionals. These figures are not surprising because digital marketing is one sector that is largely driven by internet usage, and the number of internet users in India has already crossed the 450 million mark. More and more companies are shifting their marketing strategy online and are therefore in the need of digital marketing experts and content creators. In such a scenario, seeking a career in the sphere of digital marketing is one of the safest options for professionals.

The Broad Scope Of Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing has a much broader scope compared to the traditional methods of marketing and therefore requires individuals with diverse skill sets. Companies prefer candidates that are familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing management, website development, and content writing, to name a few. Bear in mind that what matters more than having basic knowledge about all these fields is excellence and expertise in at least one of the skills, which comes in handy while solving targeted marketing problems. Therefore, individuals with different interests can choose digital marketing roles that will allow them to pursue their respective passions.

Why Digital Marketing Is Safe From Automation –

A digital marketing career is one that demands creativity and innovation. Every brand and product needs to be promoted in a unique manner that attracts the targeted customer base. Digital marketing goes way beyond blatant advertising and is more about developing a brand story that tugs at the hearts of the customers. This is something that demands a human mind because a computer will not be able to add a personal touch to every campaign. Humans, on the other hand, have the inherent qualities to be able to create compelling brand stories, and enrolling for some of the best digital marketing courses in Pune will further hone those skills to prepare you for the job.

The Importance of Digital Marketing Skills –

No matter which area of digital marketing you seek to build your career in, training for beginners is crucial for getting accustomed with the essentials of digital marketing. Even for experts and professionals, regular classes, help with refreshing the skills and learning about the latest marketing trends and tools. The best digital marketing training in Pune will offer classes on these topics as well as certification courses that will help in taking your career to the next level. Whether you wish to improve your content creation skills or want to learn more about social media advertising, these courses will allow you to fulfil all your digital marketing aspirations. Classes that provide certifications in Digital Marketing that are validated by the industry and also assist you in providing Google Certifications in Pune will provide a big boost to your resume.

Online marketing provides a large number of options for young and experienced professionals and is one career that is not threatened by the onset of automation. With the right training and certifications under your belt, you will definitely be able to ace the game of digital marketing that will stay strong while the other industries suffer from job cuts and hiring freezes.

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