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My 3 Months Digital Marketing Internship With Digital Skills

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune 10 Jan 2018
Digital Marketing Internship in Pune with Digital Skills

The day started like any other. I woke up by 8 freshened up and it was only by 9 that I remembered that it was the first day of my internship. Not a great start. Luckily I live close by and I could make it to their office by 9:30.  I was introduced to Digital Skills by a friend of mine who had also done his Digital Marketing training from there. He was absolutely gushing about it and since I wanted to do a Digital Marketing Course I found out more about them. I spoke to their academic head Mr.Sachin Selvaraj. He invited me over to their offices to discuss the course curriculum in further detail.

A little background about me

I am currently pursuing my Engineering from a prestigious College in Pune. When it began they mentioned that they would also be focusing on Digital Marketing for a semester but that never came to fruition. I keep hearing all these great things about the future of Digital Marketing in India so I was quite disappointed when my college just decided to skim through all of it in a few classes. I knew that if I wanted to make my career in Digital Marketing I would need to do a proper Digital Marketing Course from a reputable institute in Pune. That is when I heard about Digital Skills from my friend and I joined.

The Digital Marketing Course:

I attended the weekend batch that Digital Skills had. It was a 2-month course that really focused on a practical approach to learning Digital Marketing. I really enjoyed my time there. It did not feel like I was missing out on the fun on weekends because the class more than made up for it. We learned about all the modules of Digital Marketing like Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing. Google Analytics, Google Adwords as well as SEO, SEM and social media. Once the course was completed they asked all the students if they would like to take on the internship. A few of them said no while a few of them said yes. If you are wondering why someone would say no to an internship there could be several reasons. One of the primary reason a few people from our batch said no was because they were already working with an organization doing core marketing. They had come to study Digital Marketing from the experts. Others had their own businesses which they wanted to grow using Digital Marketing techniques that they learned at Digital Skills.

The Internship Experience:

Although I had learned quite a bit during our Digital Marketing course I felt like I need some additional practice before I headed out into the world to look for a job. Most of you will be wondering if the internship is paid? Well no, this is an unpaid internship for 3 months. It is absolutely perfect for a student like me because most internship we get at college is unpaid as well. We do receive an internship certificate from Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, which counts for school work. But I have a secret to share which I will do right at the end so keep reading.

First Month Of My Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Skills:

To be very honest I am not sure how the first month went by. It was like a blur. I was doing all kinds of work. From SEO tasks, handling social media profiles, it was a total Digital Marketing blitz. This is exactly what I was expecting from an internship and I was pretty thrilled that it was happening. When you are doing a Digital Marketing course although there is a lot of knowledge that you gain, you will not learn as much as when you actually start doing the work. There are such subtle nuances that you only figure out while doing the tasks and also how to do things faster. I can just imagine myself in the first few days taking an hour just to update a few posts on social media. I look back to that time and smile.

Month 2 Of The Internship:

Remember how I said it was an unpaid internship? I lied. Well, I wasn’t completely honest anyway. What happened was that I had worked my socks off. I wasn’t here for the money; I was here for the experience. I wanted to learn as much about Digital Marketing as I could. They must have been impressed with my work because they said they would offer me a small stipend for the rest of the months if I continued to show the same amount of promise as I did in the first month. I wasn’t going to back down from a challenge. I did not necessarily need the money but it’s always a good surprise. If you think about it I was getting almost half my course fees back. In the second month, I was given a more hands-on role. I was told to entirely manage one of their personal accounts. The results would be purely numerical. They showed me how they would calculate my performance and it also gave me a feel of how KRA’s must be set in big organizations. Just as a side note, they don’t hand out stipends to all their interns.

3rd Month Of The Internship:

I was getting more comfortable with my tasks. I really could envision myself being able to handle a client doing SEO tasks or Social Media Activity. I was really beginning to get my groove. I almost did not want to leave and continue on with the job. Unfortunately, my exams would begin and I had to start preparing for them. I had a word with Mr. Sujay Khandge and if they’re willing then I would definitely love to come back and become a permanent member of the team someday.

I really thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience with Digital Skills. It was an experience that I will not soon be forgetting. I hope you too will make the right choice and pick Digital Skills as your school of Digital Marketing.


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