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My Experience With Digital Skills Digital Marketing Course

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Institute 26 Dec 2017
Review Of Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Finding The Right Digital Marketing Institute in Pune

I was looking for a Digital Marketing Course that was the best, yet affordable. While at the same time, I needed a course that would provide me with the flexibility to continue with my current job while pursuing the course. I wanted to do a course in a Digital Marketing from an Institute in Pune where I could learn from experienced industry veterans. I went to a couple of Digital Marketing Institutes but they were just not the right fit. Either the fees were too high, or the course structure was inadequate. I was beginning to lose hope when I saw a post by a Digital Marketing Course provider in Pune called Digital Skills.

The Facebook post was about a free Digital Marketing Course demo session that they were conducting. It was free so I thought why not give it a shot. My initial reaction on reaching the institute was, “oh, where have I come”? They had their offices in an apartment in Viman Nagar (they are moving to their new location in Viman Nagar itself, to City Plaza near Phoenix Mall).  I still went ahead with the free demo and I am so glad that I did.

Signing Up For The Digital Marketing Class

The demo was conducted by Sachin Selvaraj Sir. I remember speaking to him on the phone when I had called to enquire about the demo. He is soft spoken and such a pleasure to speak to. When he began the demo itself I knew I had come to the right place. He gave a detailed, timelined description of the course and all the Digital Marketing Modules they are going to cover. He told me about the various weekday and weekend course options that I could take. They also provided me with the flexibility to join another class if I missed a lecture or if I wanted to cover a topic again. I was tempted to sign up right away but I waited until the end of the demo. Sachin sir expressed himself very clearly and was not afraid to take any questions and I really liked that. It showed that he knew what he was talking about.

After I enquired about the fees I signed up on the spot. The course fees for Digital Marketing were very affordable and I would definitely get a bang for my buck if I did this course.

The Digital Marketing Education Begins

The courses are split between Sachin Sir and Sujay Khandge Sir. When you hear them talk about Digital Marketing you can tell how passionate they are about the subject. They both really know how to conduct a class. It was quite clear from Day 1 that both of them have quite a bit of experience in educating young minds about the concepts of Digital Marketing. The class was full of bright students who were eager to learn. It is always good to work with like-minded people who can help you progress with your discussions. We covered all the topics of Digital Marketing in the duration of the course; which is of 2 months (since I was in the weekday batch). We studied about SEO, SEM, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Google Adwords, Analytics, Email Marketing and so many other topics that it will take me a while to list them all down.

What made the classes even more fun and interesting was that, in each class there was some form of anecdotal knowledge that was shared. Sachin Sir or Sujay Sir would explain complex topics with the help of examples from their previous jobs. This really helped remember the important concepts that were being taught and it was especially helpful because most of the digital marketing classes were held with a focus on practical application of the topic. We were not only learning about Digital Marketing, we were working with some of the best Digital Marketing minds in India. I think I forgot to mention that not only is Digital Skills a Digital Marketing Training Institute, but they also act as a Digital Marketing Agency for several reputable brands all over India.

This helps in two ways. Firstly we get to see the workings of a Digital Marketing Agency. We find out how to do Digital Marketing because we work on real live projects for some of their clients. Secondly, after the course completion, we can work with Digital Skills as interns and hone our skills even further. This is the best Digital Marketing Course in Pune that I have come across. It really prepares you for the real world scenarios of Digital Marketing.

Additional Benefits Of Digital Skills Course in Digital Marketing

I have already listed out so many benefits of doing a course with Digital Skills in Pune but there are some more. For starters, they really help you get the Digital Marketing certifications. Thanks to Digital Skills, I have a certificate in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hubspot Inbound Marketing and certifications in Hubspot Content Marketing. I could have done a lot more and I will do them as the day’s progress but right now I am busy with my new job in Digital Marketing so have put the certifications on hold.

Yes, that’s another clear benefit you get from doing your Digital Marketing training from Digital Skills in Pune. They provide you with a lot of Job Assistance. From working on your resume,  helping you prepare for the interviews by holding mock interview sessions. I really am grateful to their support in helping me find a job. I am currently working as a Digital Marketing executive at one of the top SEO companies in Mumbai. Their guidance really did help in securing this job so I am thankful to them.

If you are considering doing a Digital Marketing Course in Pune then you have to consider Digital Skills. If you have not yet, made up your mind, the least you can do is attend one of their free workshops. You will definitely see the value in joining this course just like I did. Hope you have a good time at Digital Skills.

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