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Quora Marketing – A platform Digital Marketers Cannot Snub On!

Posted by DigitalSkills in Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Agency 10 May 2018
Quora platform for Digital Marketing

There are many social media platforms available today where people can question and answer to the world’s concerns and queries that too, free of cost. No travelling charges, no face-to-face communication, and no revelation of identity, anyone can reply from any corner of the world to anyone’s queries at any corner of the world. What?

We are talking about the giant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. Considering Quora to gain such popularity in a limited period of time, we cannot deny the fact that it proved its capability. Since 2016, Quora today, has millions of visitors looking out for answers that  the physical world failed to answer. That is the reason why a virtual world was created in the first place.

Being a digital marketer, branding and product awareness for your organization is the oath you take before entering this field and Quora platform is something irresistible for a true digital marketer. Today, we brought you the marketing benefits of our growing social media platform, “Quora” – A questioning and answering platform with independent participation. But first, let us understand

What is Quora?

As mentioned earlier, it is a question and answer platform where people get freedom of speech and without any conflicts can put their thoughts and prospects in front of the world. Now you got a brief idea of its sudden liking among the people.


Apart from social causes and awareness issues, Quora platform also bring a colossal chance for digital marketers, as a way of product marketing and brand awareness. Today, we are about to discuss the various methods and ways in which a digital marketer can bring Quora to their business profit as a means of targeting bigger number of audience.

1) It will drive you long-term traffic:

Increasing traffic is the most important target to accomplish for a digital marketer. Your active participation on Quora, questioning and answering your client’s requirements will help you gather traffic. Also, the answers posted on Quora will remain forever. It can be a never-ending source for your organization to gather traffic.

2) Multiplies your audience:

One “Upvote” on your Quora answer by a person or community will ultimately get published on their profile where their friends and followers can see your results too. Hence, it gains you multiple viewers and audience.

3) You will be an established authority on Quora:

If your answers gain maximum popularity and views then Quora gives you the opportunity to earn a badge among top 10 Quora writers from the last 30 days. Isn’t that amazing when your brand name gets publicly acknowledged on the world’s biggest social media platform?

4) Your Idea can catch eyes of major publications:

Many famous publications are looking out for something fresh and unique happening around the world. Quora becomes the ultimate platform for them to fetch news and contact the person who posted the news. If your answer is unique and genuine then the chances are your idea will be acknowledged by the whole world.

How to start marketing on Quora?

It’s simple.

  • First, Join Quora.com and create an attractive profile. Attach links to your website and add a brief profile summary, describing your interest areas.
  • Follow other’s profile. This way, you can add more followers too.
  • Look out for the questions that you can answer and can drive appreciation too.
  • Create a blog post and attach a link to it in your Quora answer.
  • Create your answer in such an engaging way that it catches the eye of publications and maximum viewers.
  • Promote your Quora answers. Attach your most viewed and upvoted answer to other social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Repeat the process again.

Quora platform isn’t something you start and forget. You have to give your active participation and engage with your followers and fans. Then, and then only your website would earn more traffic.

Wrapping Up

To know more about Quora marketing and unveiling other digital marketing tools and software, Join Digital Skills – A highly-accomplished digital marketing training institute in Pune with top-class faculties and placement guaranteed opportunity. Contact now for free consultation.


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