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The 8 Marketing Skills You Need To Have An Impressive Resume

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing Case Study, Digital Marketing Certifications, Email Marketing Agency, Social Media Marketing Agency 16 May 2018
Marketing Skills in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an aspiring career today. Every business organization looks out for a professional digital marketer who can understand their product requirements, audience, and deliver quality service for the betterment of the organization. So, if you are planning to try your hands on digital marketing then there are few things you must add to your resume. After all, the resume is the first thing your recruiter will look at.

Today, we are about to discuss the qualities and skills you must have to own before preparing your resume to apply for digital marketing.

1) Industrial Tools:

The companies today aren’t looking for what you know. They are looking for how you can use the skills that you already know. Digital marketing runs on various tools and software. Being a digital marketer, you need to master the art of implementing the right tool for the right cause at the right time.

2) Social Media Marketing tools:

A digital marketer has to look after every social platform to advertise their company’s brand name. Therefore, social media proficiency is a must to have. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus are some of the major social platforms that one has to take responsibility of handling actively.

3) SEO Tools:

There are many SEO tools used for increasing the proficiency of digital marketing. Keywords are the major source of link building. One must learn and understand the methodology and process of link building including the keyword planner, ahrefs, open site explorer, and backlink watch.

4) Content Marketing:

For any organization’s website and business, content is the prime requirement. Quality content often minimizes the efforts of other department. No offence, the developing and designing part is pretty much valuable. But you, as a digital marketer are expected to be pro at content developing and marketing. The way you put your thoughts into the client’s product and services in terms of blog and articles, will attract more readers willing to become customers.

5) Mobile Marketing:

More than 60% of the world population make usage of mobile phones for Internet access. According to a survey, the e-commerce sites receive more traffic from mobile devices rather than laptops and desktops. Therefore, digital marketers must get their hands full with proper usage of tools on mobile devices that can attract more customers towards their brand.

6) Email Marketing:

If you thought that email marketing has become an old tradition to grab attention of your customers then you probably went wrong. A proper strategy implementation of regular newsletters, updates, and case studies will enhance the chances of audience subscription to your channel. Hence, you can increase the show’s audience and make them your customers.

7) Paid Social Media Marketing:

Working under such a huge competitive market, uniqueness is the only thing that can help your organization to stand tall. If you want yourself to be unique than other digital marketing candidates, then add paid social media marketing too in your resume. Because the recent research has shown that social media platforms like facebook and instagram has changed their algorithm. The post with which users engage more is shown on the top. And if users are not that engaging for a particular brand then paid social media marketing is the  solution.

8) Data Analytics:

Lastly, to become a proficient and prudent digital marketer, you need to have a better understanding of statistics and infographics. Statistics never lie. It gets quite hard for a person to track all the responses, profits, losses, and improvement areas. Therefore, data visualization makes things easier. It provides accurate data and you can show better insights to all the strategies and tool performance so that, the company can know the areas of improvement and plan the next module accordingly.

Wrapping Up

By now you got a clear concept of what skills you need to acquire and why. But, where to find the right place for gaining all these skills is yet to be unveiled. Digital Skills – A well-renowned digital  marketing  institute that has helped hundreds of students achieve their dream of becoming a digital marketing specialist. World class facilities, engaging classroom environment, and guaranteed placement are some of the key features of Digital Skills. Contact now to kick-start and make your dreams come true.

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