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The Do’s and Don’ts in Sales Funnel Management!

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing 21 May 2018
Sales funnel do's & don'ts

The companies, small or big, own a website today to deliver their business prospects worldwide. But, bringing more sales to the company should be the prime motivation of building websites.

The sales funnel management is a process through which a business can create a model for fetching more clients and customers. Its main goal remains in converting the website visitors to the company’s customers. Let us go deeper into sales funnel management theory to understand it in a proficient way.

What is a Sales Funnel Management?

It’s an inverted pyramid of visual representation for a company’s sales process. With sales funnel management a company can track down their potential visitors capable of becoming customers. In brief, it generates leads for any business. The topmost part of the funnel represents the approach of generating leads, and as we go down, it addresses your learning and approach of following the leads. This way, one can measure the company’s performance rate. The way your sales funnel drifts from visitors to customers, it denotes the conversion rate details on every stage.

Why is Sales Funnel Management important?

By now, you might have got a brief idea concerning the importance of funnel management in a business. But, taking the possibilities into consideration, what would happen if your sales funnel gets blocked? This Lead Management System is mandatory for building trust, attracting more prospects, and for running your business smoothly.  Hence, it is very crucial for such systems to  generate accurate results and leads at the right time while you go on screening from visitors to customers. Thus, the art of managing the sales funnel must be known for fetching good results.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Sales Management

Focusing on the right prospects with right people at the right time is a complex process. You never know which regular visitor has no business interest and which occasional customer could be waiting for a business opportunity with you. Sales funnel is the only way you can put your business efforts and hope for the best. The process takes place step-by-step optimizing your each sale funnel stages.

Here are some do’s  and don’ts while you plan on lead generation through sales funnel.

1) Remove the unwanted steps and procedures:

The sales management flow must be moving downwards rather than horizontally. There will be many such steps that aren’t important to be considered. Check out these steps carefully. Eliminate those steps that take way too long converting leads into customers but make sure you have a proper understanding of the time-delay process. Talk to your sales team. Ask for why the process is taking too much time? What can be done?

Stay alert on the steps you are eliminating because there are chances you will end up removing some major steps too.

2) Do not neglect payment option:

Multiple payment options for your products and services always attract more customers. Keep your payment options flexible. Google wallet, Credit cards, PayPal, and other digital options will have an instant like to your company when compared to your business rivals.

3) Quality Leads are the prime motive:

Many impatient organizations skip the evaluation part and pass all the leads to the top funnel. This shouldn’t be done ever. The other stages should be monitored very precisely to identify quality leads that hold potentiality to be converted into customers. Not every visitor gets converted into customers and therefore, the leads become important to be chosen carefully.

4) Address your customers – Know them!

Inability to offer a cut-to-edge solution for customer’s expectations will gradually decline your customer’s interest and so does your business revenue. The customers aren’t here to discuss the prospects but to perceive the output results. Addressing the customers with lengthy jargons will cut-short the efforts and that won’t be beneficial for any of the two parties.

Wrap Up

There are many tools and software available for sales management system to perform accurately. The better your organization is with tools the better optimization can be achieved at low cost. The sales management system can help you generate leads and track efficient data. But first, team up your marketing and sales team. Focus on the leads with the support of your team to improve and manage every step of the funnel.


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