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The Scope Of An SEO Employee In An Organization

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune 28 May 2018
Search Engine Optimisation

The Scope of an SEO Employee in an Organization
Digital Marketing has been an aspiring career in IT/software industries. The responsibilities, skills, and juggling with various tools and software is worth it. Being a graduate, every single student aims for a respectful job with a handsome salary in a reputed organization, and Digital Marketing course is a full-package of all that you wish for. We are here today to unwrap the future of an employee as a Search Engine Optimizer. So, if you are planning to build a career in digital marketing then stay tight to your seat because, by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the field you are planning to get into.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Have you ever felt why only some of the websites are displayed on your search result page? What is so special about them and how does Google find out exactly what we are looking for with few keywords related to the search? This is because there are SEO employees working incessantly on those websites to get it ranked among the top searches in Google. For an instance, if you want to find out, “best digital marketing courses in Pune” then the Google search will redirect you to the courses available in Pune for Digital Marketing that has been ranked top by the Google itself.

How does Google decide which website to rank first?

SEO! Yes, the main role of an SEO employee is to search in-depth keywords and track down the leads generated through the SEO tools. Finding keywords and posting contents related to the keywords makes it easier for Google to figure out which contents are frequently searched by the viewers and how much time do they spend on the site. The more your viewers stick to your page the better your Google rankings will result in.
Again, there are specific criteria to be fulfilled before uploading the contents. That we will discuss in our next blog. Here, we are to understand the job role of an SEO specialist so will switch to it.

Skills an SEO employee must possess

• In-depth keyword research
• Traffic and analytics study
• Split-testing similar pages
• Natural backlinks building
• Client’s competitor’s analysis
• Expertise in WordPress
• Effective ranking strategies creation
• Learning latest SEO tools and upgradations

A successful and standard website building depends on thousands of aspects, the designers, the developers, the writers, the analysts, and finally the digital marketers and SEO experts. In all the role of an SEO expert is the most important as SEO done correctly will be highly responsible for organic search results.

Job profile of an SEO expert

So you got the skills, you got the training, you got the job, and you are all set to perform and contribute your skills for the betterment of the organization and vice versa. But, what does an SEO expert do on a day-to-day basis? Let us have a quick look at it
As mentioned earlier, the SEO expert isn’t confined to their own department. The tasks and projects they will be responsible for are:

• Writing fresh and engaging content for the client’s website
• Images and graphics add-ons to make the web page look tempting
• Ensuring that the keywords are used properly and will grab the attention of viewers at the first site
• Quality backlink building from various reputable sites and sources
• Driving traffic from numerous sources around the web
• Flexibility in learning different traits and algorithms

Wrapping Up

Being an SEO expert brings a lot of responsibility but the satisfaction and honour a person achieves will be totally worth it. The organization’s clients might have a very limited knowledge regarding the various aspects of digital marketing and SEO but you, being an SEO employee, can take charges on delivering client satisfaction for the betterment of your organization.
Learn Digital Marketing and SEO with Digital Skills to build a respectable career that makes your identity stand out from the crowd.


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