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What Digital Marketing Course Should I Take Up and Why?

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune 31 Jul 2017
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“Which is the best digital marketing course to do?”

We come across this question so often in the course of our day that we thought it would be a nice idea to just jot down our thoughts regarding the same. Now obviously each digital marketing course comes with its own merit and each one is suited to different people.

To give you a basic idea about the different types of courses available in Digital Marketing you can refer to the list below, or scroll further to get my opinions on the type of courses you should pursue and why.


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Integrated Digital Marketing Course: This course content will provide you with an overview on the different methods of social media marketing with a clear understanding of how to use all the methods to benefit your organisation.


Advanced Search Engine Optimization Class: This course content dives deeper into what it means to be an SEO expert. What are the different technique’s to be used to optimize your website, on page and off page. It’s best learnt using real life cases on practical projects.


Search Engine Marketing Expert Training: If your area of interest is in paid ads, then this course is definitely for you. SEM or Pay Per Click Advertising is a vast subject that this course would really get into and explain thoroughly.


Course in Social Media Marketing: These days everyone considers themselves a social media expert due to their knowledge of how to use social media. You’d be surprised to know how little you know. This course would be for the more creative people looking for a career in handling social media accounts of their own business or some company profile.


Google Analytics Classroom Course: This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the Google analytics works and the strategies to be drawn from the data you receive. This course should end with you being able to take the Google Analytics Certification course by yourself.


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For a generalist, it always makes sense to consider a course that offers content about an integrated digital marketing topics. That way the student is provided with a holistic idea of what exactly they are expected to do when they actually join a company in the digital marketing department. To begin with, I think this course is a must. An integrated digital marketing course is not only for people who are trying to make a career in digital marketing but also individuals who are running their own business and want to handle the digital marketing activities of their business themselves rather than outsourcing it to an agency.

If however, you are keen on writing content and want to show off your creative streak then perhaps courses in Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Content Marketing, and Strategy or a course in Search Engine Optimization is just the thing for you. These courses help you not just improve your creativity, but also provide you with a better understanding of how, where, when and why you should publish your content. Specialty Courses with curated Digital Marketing Content is absolutely necessary in order to become a specialist on that particular topic.

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For those working in a sales profile, or jobs related to customer acquisition it is imperative to join courses that give an in-depth knowledge of customer acquisition in a digital environment. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course is a great course to consider if you are working on this profile or plan to do so. It’s never bad to have additional HubSpot inbound marketing certifications on your resume. Digital Skills provides classroom training for the same and also assists its students in getting the relevant certifications online.

If you are looking to be employed in the ever growing field of digital marketing just have a look at the type of listings on various job portals and the number of requirements that are currently being made. You will find several listings for


  1. Digital Marketing Executives
  2. Social Media Marketing Executives
  3. Search Engine Optimization Executive (SEO)
  4. Search Engine Marketing Executive also known as the Pay Per Click Exec (SEM)

Getting certified in any one of these courses especially from an industry validated digital marketing institute like Digital Skills is surely going to give your resume a boost that it requires. You will obviously learn the necessary information in an integrated digital marketing course (which I personally recommend each and every one to get), but to become an expert in a topic maybe you should focus on niche courses.

So whether you are looking for a job change or just entering into the first stage of your career, look at the digital marketing courses available to you that suit your requirements.


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