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Why is your email marketing campaign failing (probably)?

Why is your email marketing campaign failing (probably)?

Posted by DigitalSkills in Email Marketing Agency 03 Jul 2017
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How to Fix Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, your email marketing campaigns are just not working out the way you planned? It probably does.

We at digital-skills.in had similar issues when we first started out many years ago, but as time passed by we have slowly and professionally found a way to make our emails more efficient, and more readable. The result, better ROI.

Just to give you a brief preview, an astounding number of emails are being sent every day. Somewhere to the tune of 144.8 billion of them.When the digital era was just blooming email seemed the best scenario to use when reaching out to a mass audience in a single go.Times have changed however and customers have grown used to filtering through the myriad emails they receive on a daily basis and only open the ones that seem particularly interesting. When combined with spam filters and Gmail’s Promotions folder, marketers face big challenges in reaching customers.
That is not to say that your email campaigns will not work. Although the effort you put into creating emails and updating your mailing lists, if you aren’t getting clicks, you’re wasting your time. Worry not though, because, we at digital-skills.in with our email marketing campaign services have fine-tuned our efforts in order to understand just the right mix of content and skill in order to ensure that your next email campaign will be a success.

Here are a few reasons your email marketing efforts are not working in today’s environment…


Get to know your customers

In the good old days, it might have seemed like a good idea to just shoot off the same email to every person on your mailing list. That technique will definitely not fly with the customers today. You will need to get to know your customers, use email monitoring tools to find out what they liked about your email, what part of the email did they click on? What drew them to the ad, what is your open rate. This comes with a lot of hard work and data mining. We here at digital-skills.in use special social listening tools to monitor how customers are interacting with your emails. By making note of behaviours such as email opens, clicks and unsubscribes, you can get to know your own customers better.

Get Personal

If you want to be a successful marketer, you need to get personal with your customer. You need to be able to segment your customer into well-researched categories and ensure that each category gets its own personalized message. You need to be able to draw out historical data for customer segments to ensure that they receive the right message. To accomplish this, you’ll need a tech tool that helps you measure results and deliver those results in the form of emails.

It may all be subject-ive

Your emails may be getting deleted even before it has been opened. Your subject is your first line of attack when it comes to grabbing your customers attention. With so many email messages coming in each day, customers often scroll through their inboxes to find items of interest. Personalized subject lines can be a big help, but merely inserting a customer’s first name won’t suffice. You’ll need to grab attention with what your subject line says, you could do that through comedy or typography. With our Email Marketing or Content Marketing Courses, we will teach you exactly how you should be framing your Subjects and Mail body to capture the user’s attention.


How often have you heard the phrase, “only result’s matter“? But if you aren’t paying attention to the results of your campaigns then you are actually doing a disservice to yourself. There are so many parameters that need to be checked at the end of every campaign, how many emails were opened, where the customer clicked to go to your landing page. Did it matter at what time of the day the email was sent? Which subject line was most successful in grabbing the users attention and why? Use all this information to get better results next time.

Unsubscribe much

The fastest way to fail in an email marketing campaign is to overdo the effort. Most customers would have provided you with the email address as a part of their sign up process, because either it was mandatory or because they are genuinely interested in your product or service. Either way, the fastest way to get these loyal customers to unsubscribe would be to spam their mailboxes with marketing material. If you have discount coupons or special offers on hand the customer would no doubt be interested in knowing about them, but not ever email needs to go to every customer.

Secret and the now, oh so obvious point…..


Your contact databases are outdated

Your email campaign will definitely fail if the emails you’re sending are not being sent to the right people. You may have strictly followed the tips mentioned above, your subject lines are brilliant, you have perfected the A/B testing of your emails but it will all fall on deaf ears if the person who the email has been sent to doesn’t have any decision-making ability anymore. If you aren’t revisiting your contact database on a regular basis, you will definitely see a negative score against your email campaigns.


Email marketing is still a relevant part of reaching customers and if you use email marketing as a part of your marketing mix, you will need to pay attention to the tips we’ve mentioned above. If you would like to learn more about this I highly recommend our Email Marketing Classroom Training Session in which we cover how to fully explore the potential of email marketing campaign. Our course is specially designed for direct marketing professionals, anyone handling email marketing campaigns and wants to optimise their campaigns, small business owners and entrepreneurs, sales executives who want to communicate to their existing customer base. We will begin a new course soon. For more information, get in touch.


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