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Being Socially Responsible With Social Media

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, Learn Social Media Marketing 28 Jan 2018
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Social Media can be such an important tool in the right hands, spreading awareness and knowledge. Large corporations have a big hand to play in helping educate their employees and the people of their communities about proper socially accepted behavior online. As educators, we believe that we have a large part to play in teaching our students the right methods of using social media. In our social media courses in Pune, we always discuss organizations that are using social media as a purveyor of change in society. Let’s see how we can use social media to bring about change in our society

Tips For Leveraging Social Media To Bring About Change

Engage In Communication:

Social Media provides you with an opportunity to have an open dialogue with anyone in the country. See how you can use social media to get in touch with people in important position to help out with your issues. You now have easy access to even the Prime Minister of India who is an active user of the social platform Twitter. He frequently helps responds to queries posed to him on the platform.

The railway ministry has been using Social Media to great effect by ensuring that complaints are resolved quickly. There have also been instances of officers caught accepting bribes and then being fired from the railway ministry.

Sushma Swaraj is another politician to use her position and her social media savvy to great use. She has helped countless Indians stuck all over the world when they reached out to her as external affairs minister.

There is nothing to stop you from getting in touch with someone when you genuinely need help.

The downside of this is the system is abused on so many occasions. Please desist from doing the same.

Respond When You Have Information:

Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great place to pose questions as well as receive the answers you are looking for. If you see someone looking for answers to questions you have answers to, don’t feel shy to respond. This is one of the many ways you can help out other citizens of the country. The website Quora was founded on this very same principle. It provides an opportunity to get multiple answers to questions and you can pick the one you like best.

We do consider Quora as an important social platform and if you are not a part of it, you should be.

Be Original:

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal. Although on the internet the more authentic you are the better reputation you will form and the more reliable people will see your data as. If you don’t have information about a topic you don’t need to answer the question. Instead, you can listen or read up about it. It’s important to say I don’t know every once in a while. Another important factor that is really important on the internet is to be as original as you can. If there was one place where you score mad props for being original it was the internet.

Find Volunteering Opportunities:

Companies like Donate Your Sweat are a great place to find volunteering opportunities online. They provide you with information on various activities around Pune that you can participate in. Find such opportunities and take part with full gusto. Even if you do it once a month, you will feel so much lighter emotionally and spiritually.


Use these tips to not only raise awareness in your community but around the world as well. Social media can be a good tool to have fun agreed, but when you can use it for some good then why not? In our social media courses in Pune, we not only teach you all the best strategies and techniques on how to use your social media prowess during your job but also give you some tips on how to use social media as a tool for good. I hope you can join us in making this world a better place. If you would like to know more about our digital marketing classes in Pune give us a call or come over for a free demo. You won’t regret it.


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