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Digital Marketing Promotion For Movies

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing For Entertainment Industry 19 Jan 2018
Digital Marketing and Social Media Used To Promote Movies

A lot of great movies were released in 2017 and some even more spectacular ones are being released in 2018. We know that you are eagerly awaiting the release of some great movies to watch in 2018. With the release of so many movies in 2018 a lot of studios are fighting to get the attention of its audience. With Online Marketing in the forefront studios are investing heavily in that medium to promote its movies. Digital Skills – The best digital marketing course provider in Pune looks into the myriad of reasons why movies are going the Digital route to promote themselves.

Targeting the Audience:

More people are on Digital Media at the present medium then on traditional media. Movies that have a youth-centric theme such as “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, “Besharam” and other like it would like to target the youth. The need for Social Media Marketing of these movies is huge. Using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube movies are able to get the eyeballs of their target audience.

Conversation Starters:

Using Digital Marketing for promoting movies also provides the marketing team of these movies with the advantage of listening in to conversations that are happening online. It allows the fans of the movies to interact with the stars of the movie and provide their inputs on the trailers the songs and the film stars. Using digital marketing techniques film marketers are able to start conversations around their movies and create a lot of buzz even before the movie has been released.

Innovative Ideas:

Digital Platforms are also popular among film marketers because of the amount of innovative marketing that can be done. Marketers don’t have to stick with traditional ways to market their films and can get really creative with their marketing mediums.

Swag Se Swagat trending on TwitterCreating popular hashtags that trend nationally and even internationally is one way to promote the film. Recently the hashtag #swagseswagat was trending in India. That was just for a song release of the movie Tiger Zinda Hai. Imagine the anticipation that would have been created for the movie just from a song. As it turned out the movie was a big success. Not all of the success can be attributed to the digital marketing of the film, but it did have a big role to play. You can take some Digital marketing Courses in Pune from Digital Skills that will provide you with some skills to market all sorts of products. Contests are another popular method of promoting movies. It gets the fans of the film really excited because the prizes could range from tickets to the premier, to a meeting with the stars of the film. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to meet their star?

Changing Tides:

Sometimes movies that have not been marketed effectively or films that are surrounded by negative buzz can change their fortunes by using Digital Marketing mediums. “Newton” was one such film that was quite good, but was not effectively marketed. With the help of Digital Marketing efforts, it managed to do quite well at the box office. News also released that it was generating Oscar buzz and that added more fuel to the Digital Marketing fire.

Budget Constraints:

Studios spend a lot of money on movie marketing. Sometimes though some studios, independent films do not have the budget to use big marketing mediums. In such scenarios, digital marketing is their savior. Digital Marketing is often seen as a budget marketing method that provides a high ROI. If utilized effectively then it can help shoot up the popularity of the product. In the Digital Skills certification courses in Digital Marketing, you can learn all about how to generate a good ROI for your clients using Digital marketing methods while effectively meeting your targets.

More than 74% of the population between the ages of 18-65 consumes some form of Digital Entertainment. With such kind of statistics, it only makes sense for film marketers to use Digital Marketing mediums to promote their movies. Digital Skills course in Social Media Marketing and Optimization provides its students with in-depth understanding of how to use various tools and techniques to promote any sort of products or service using Social Media. It has one of the best Digital Marketing Course modules in Pune covering the breadth of Digital Marketing topics. If you would like to learn how to go about using Digital Marketing to promote your business get in touch today. Digital Marketing is relevant for all industries. If you want to stay relevant, you have to go Digital.


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