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Google Tag Manager- The New Marketing Strategy.

Posted by DigitalSkills in Career in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Agency 07 May 2018
GTM in Google Analytics

Digital Marketing has a lot to offer the business world and development. But first, it requires the right amount of data to analyze all the prospects of how, why, what, when, and where. Someone said it right, “Digital Marketing is all about the right data”. No matter how engaging and responsive website you have, it is always important to study your customer’s and visitor’s way of interaction. These processes might seem like too technical but it isn’t, not after the development and upgradation of digital marketing tools.

Google Analytics can give you the insights to all information you require. But again, it does have some limitations if used alone. Here comes the importance of Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager or the GTM helps you tag your website and collect more information with Google Analytics. The combination of Google Analytics and GTM eliminates any risk of data ignorance. So, how does it all happen? Let us start with

What is Google Tag Manager?

Imagine if you have an accurate access to all the activities going on in the grocery store, you own. From vegetable supply to products delivery and what customers pick from themselves and what they actually add in their basket, every single interaction between customers and products are recorded in the form of data. How easy it will get to manage your shop without any loss.

This is what Google Tag Manager does in digital marketing. Introduced by Google as a tag management system, GTM tags the websites and record each and every interaction going on in your website. How many visitors your site received, were they actually looking for your product, how they ended up to your site, how much time did they spent on the site, how many scrolls were taken, how many clicks, and so on.

These data are then passed on to the digital marketers and they design their marketing plans based on the success and loss statistics, provided by GTM and Google Analytics.

The Tags

Tags are basically the snippets of code added to your site that collects all the information from the website and pass it on to the third parties. From e-commerce stores to industrial business, every organization, small or big, owns a website and this information works great to determine what customers are responsive to.

The tags were used prior to GTM too, but heavy site tags lead to the slow functioning of the website. Also, it gets too technical for a digital marketer, tracking every lead they get. With GTM, the technical part of tags get eliminated. Now, any digital marketer with less or no knowledge about codes can run the sites tracking smoothly.

The GTM is not bound to Adwords and Analytics. One can use them for tagging a third party platform too. Twitter, Bing Ads, and many more can be analysed using GTM.

The pros and cons of Google Tag Management


Minimize the work of web developers: Every small business cannot afford a web developer expense. With GTM, they can easily track down their website movement. The tags can be time-taking, so does the implementation of the new strategy. The tag management system saves you a huge amount of time and organization’s cost too.

Most of the businesses get benefitted with it: As discussed earlier, GTM can be implemented for all sorts of business – small and big. It becomes easier to edit and add tags without referring to any source code or hiring a web developer for coding. The site’s speed and response-time can be easily improved.


It still needs upgradation: For a complex tag, the source code complexity increases automatically. Thus, you might need a developer for simplifying it. In case your GTM software came with source code mounted on it, you will need an experienced developer to remove them and add new source code. Or else, you might end up fetching duplicate data.

It can slow down your website: In case your website fires tag synchronously, it might slow down the site. Good news is you can control the tag functionality according to their priorities. GTM offers a tag sequencing and firing priority to choose.

Summing Up

There are many other amazing benefits of Google Tag Management. If you want to build an aspiring career in Digital Marketing and learn more interesting facts about various tools that can enhance your website’s performance then join Digital Skills- an established and accomplished digital marketing training institute in Pune.

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