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How Emojis are Changing the Way we Communicate!

Posted by DigitalSkills in Learn Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing 17 Jul 2017
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The use of Emojis in our daily lives has transcended from plain messaging to social media marketing.

Not many people may know Shigetaka Kurita, but they use his invention almost on a daily basis. If you have ever used an emoji, you are guilty of the same. When Shigetaka created emojis in 1999 there was no way he would know how popular they would be and how much we would use them in our communication these days. One factor for the astronomical use of “Emojis” was its introduction in the iOs 5 on the iPhone in 2011. Since then, each text message service (whatsapp, FB messenger, telegram, skype) has incorporated emojis in their keyboards and they haven’t looked back since.

Have you noticed how messaging has changed recently?

No longer are they seemingly boring text filled messages, now they’re filled with emoticons that are better able to express the way people feel. Rather than saying “I am angry with you”  😠  or “Khushi ke aasu” 😂 people simply put emojis to reduce their effort and appropriately display how they feel.
In fact, there have been so many messages that have been sent in the form of quizzes that just contain emojis.

“Can you guess the name of these Varun Dhawan movies?” (Leave your answers in the comments)

Emojis showing Varun Dhawan movies

“Can you guess these popular Actors thru emojis?”

Actor name emoji quiz India


Emojis are not only changing the way we are texting, but they are also providing digital marketers with additional ways to connect with the youth. Entire digital social media marketing campaigns can be run using just emojis and they tend to have a large impact on brand engagement and brand recall that target the youth.

In the digital skills Social Media Marketing and Optimization Course we have an entire module on the use of emojis in various social media and popular marketing strategies.

There are some who are opposed to the idea of emojis because they feel that they take away from the crux of the message while the enthusiast who support them feel that in fact emojis do just the opposite and they are a method of describing exactly how you feel without chances of misunderstanding. Which side of the fence are you guys?

Irrespective though, love em or hate em though, emojis are here to stay… 🙂

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