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How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Institute – Part 1

Posted by DigitalSkills in How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Faculty 27 Oct 2017
Selecting Your Digital Marketing Faculty

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pune

Digital Marketing is one of the most sought-after career choices not only in Pune but across the entire world. If you look at job portals in India and anywhere around the world you will see a lot of postings for Digital Marketing. To cut a long story short the scope of Digital Marketing in Pune is tremendous. Companies are desperately looking for people who have been trained to handle the professional life of a Digital Marketing Expert. To be properly trained you need to study Digital Marketing from a really good Digital Marketing Institute in Pune. How do you decide which is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune? By taking note of the following criteria that Digital Skills has painstakingly curated for our readers.

Tips for selecting your Digital Marketing Institute Based on Faculty Parameters

Qualification (Must Have an MBA):
When choosing your Digital Marketing Course Provider in Pune, you have to look at the credentials of the faculty they have on board. It is vital that the faculty must have an MBA in Marketing. You might be wondering why. Simply because your faculty is responsible for not only teaching you the Digital Marketing curriculum but also to make sure you understand the marketing nuances behind the actions you take. Our aim here at Digital Skills is not only to train you in the arts and sciences of Digital Skills but to ensure that you are able to fully earn your place in a professional setup of Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing Certification:
Consider the Digital Marketing Certifications that the faculty has gotten. If you are investing in learning Digital Marketing then ensure to learn from a teacher who is an expert themselves. Check what kind of Digital Marketing Certifications they have accrued and what credentials they have. Ideally, your Digital Marketing Faculty should be Google Certified Professionals, Hubspot Certified and have done a course on Facebook Advertising

 Digital Marketing Execution:
Some people do, while others teach. The best teachers are the ones that have done. Find out if your faculty for the Digital Marketing class you have selected has any real-life Digital Marketing execution experience. It is easy to study Digital Marketing online and open up a school to teach people yourself, but I find in doing so the faculty is not able to properly use real-life experiences to talk about the subject in detail. If your faculty in the Digital Marketing Course has upwards of 5 years in Digital Marketing execution then it is a safe bet to assume that they have encountered several scenarios which you might also encounter and they will be able to explain what needs to be done in such a case.

How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Faculty

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Digital Presence:
Ensure to check for the Digital presence on social media site. Stalk their social profiles to find out more about them. Do they have a blog, LinkedIn page? Follow them and find out if your wavelengths match. See how well they keep up with the world of Digital Marketing. It’s always easier to study from someone who is relatable. It makes your Digital Marketing Classes more informational as well as entertaining and thought-provoking

 Total Digital Marketing Training Experience:
Even the best speakers get nervous when they have to come on stage to talk. Imagine how a teacher feels when they have to step up in front of a batch of new students in every course. Digital Marketing Training Experience is important because the more you have trained the better you get at it. A trainer with a lot of experience is able to judge the classroom and decide the pace of the course based on the capability of his students. A well-experienced teacher will also be able to field all sorts of questions that are thrown at him rather than avoiding them and pushing them off. Pick an experienced professional who will be able to guide you properly in the world of Digital Marketing.


These were our parameters for selecting an institute based solely on the trainer’s credentials. Stay tuned for the next part of the series which is how to pick your Digital Marketing Course in Pune based on the course itself.


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