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How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Institute – Part 2

Posted by DigitalSkills in How To Select A Digital Marketing Course 28 Oct 2017
How To Select a Digital Marketing Class

Picking the Right Digital Marketing Course

On part one of the series we talked about the scope of Digital Marketing in Pune and the different faculty parameters you need to check before enlisting in a digital marketing institute of your choice. If you have not yet done so, you can read how to select a Digital Marketing Institute here. It is our hope that you find the guidelines both helpful and informational. Coming back to the point, you may find a right kind of faculty in your Digital Marketing Institute but you should also combine that with the right kind of course module. We have listed out a few factors you should consider while selecting the right digital marketing course for you.

Factors Determining a Good Digital Marketing Course Module:

Practical Digital Marketing Courses:
Practice makes you perfect. This age-old adage is as true today as it was centuries ago. When selecting a Digital Marketing Course to join you have to take into account the weightage given to the practical aspects of teaching your Digital Marketing Institute of choice is providing. If you find that they institute will only be teaching you a lot of theoretical knowledge and not providing you with an opportunity to work on live projects then the Digital Marketing Class will not be fruitful as you will not have a real-world understanding of the problems Digital Marketers Face.

Case Study Approach for Digital Marketing Training:
If you look at the course module of top MBA colleges in India including the IIM’s and the ISB you will notice one thing in common. They all have a case study approach to learning. A case study approach is where you will be provided with a certain scenario and you have to come up with possible solutions to the problems. If the Digital Marketing faculty has worked on several Digital Marketing campaigns he can call upon his experiences to provide case studies for students to solve. This approach tests your problem-solving ability while providing you with a fundamental understanding of the use of Digital Marketing in various scenarios.

Course Module Selection Criteria

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Assessment (Updated Syllabus):
While selecting a Digital Marketing Course to join in Pune, you have to take a thorough understanding of their syllabus structure. Find out if they are using the most updated syllabus. You might have to do a small amount of research online but it will be worth the effort. If you are lucky you will be able to weed out the institutes that are still teaching age-old practices that are no longer valid in the world of Digital Marketing today. One such instance is of using Black Hat SEO practices. Some institutes will steal teach these methods of getting your search engine rankings up while they are actually detrimental to your success.

Study Material:
Is your school of Digital Marketing providing you with study material? Make sure they do. While a practical approach to Digital Marketing is more relevant today, you should also have notes and various other study materials to fall back on when you need to. Study material could include a presentation deck which you can refer to the classes.

A large number of students who come to study digital marketing want to make their career in the same field. That is why they choose to pay the fees as an investment in themselves. Before you join the Digital Marketing course in Pune check to see how supportive the faculty and other members of the organization are. Are they willing to provide you with support even after your courses are over? Will they help guide you to making your business a success? The kind of institute that you should aim for is one that will be providing you with guidance long after you have passed through their Digital Marketing Academy.

Your choice of Digital Marketing Institute in Pune could be a vital decision. So make an effort to do your research before you join any class. Make sure to take the time out to ask the right questions and hopefully you will get the right kind of answers.

In the next part of the series, we will be talking about the Institute itself and the various factors that make the best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune.


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