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How to Upskill with Digital Skills

How to Upskill with Digital Skills

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Certifications, Digital Marketing Course 11 Sep 2017
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How Digital Marketing Courses in Pune can help enhance your career

Indian Organizations are currently facing one of the largest shortages of skilled employable professionals to hire. One of the areas in which the institutions are facing an issue is in the field of Digital Marketing. As we have mentioned several times all over our socials and blogs, India is currently facing a severe shortage of Digital Marketing professionals.

According to the World Economic Forum, profoundly disruptive changes to the employment landscape means that, worldwide, there will be a loss of 7.1 million jobs between now and 2020, particularly in office and administrative roles. At the same time, there will be an increase of almost 2 million jobs requiring specialised skills, such as data analytics, digital marketing, and inbound technical sales.

Digital Marketing Courses for Working Professionals

The digital scenario is the future of all businesses in India. However, hiring new employees especially skilled in Digital Marketing is going to be a very large expense to the country. Also, replacing proven, experienced staff represents a huge loss of company knowledge and has a significant impact on the company culture as well. What the organizations seem to be doing is spending a large amount of their resources in the form of time and money in order to hire new resources that could fill in the skill gaps that they find. One resource that they are not utilizing is their own work force. Digital Skills highly recommends the up skilling of the current employees as a way to overcome the shortage concern that organizations find themselves in.

The new Digital Marketing Course for Professionals by Digital Skills will help companies to enhance the digital marketing abilities of their workforce. The Digital Marketing Courses has been specially designed for working professionals who might not necessarily have the current skill sets but have been in an organization working for a long time and are part of the working culture and understand the business dynamics. This course is designed for business professionals with a focus on customer-centered design and agile project management methods. Participants are given practical, hands-on experience by working in cross-functional teams on projects.

Digital Skills Required By Marketing and Sales Professionals

We are not just thinking about next year, we have given a lot of thought to the kind of skills that would need in 2018 and beyond. Since automation is going to be taking a large number of jobs away, employees will have to understand and work with Digital Skills that feature more work of an empathetic nature, skills that robots could possibly not do (yet). So Social Media Marketing is one option that robots will have a tough time replicating. Although with their machine learning being so advanced, who knows what the robots will be capable of in a decade or more time.  Digital Skills offers some of the best Social Media Marketing Classes in Pune that will help you go a long way in your career in any organization.

Businesses will also need to upgrade the sales skills that their employees possess. From a more traditional marketing and sales approach, companies will be moving to an inbound marketing and sales techniques. It will be a large loss to them They will be doing themselves and their existing staff a huge disservice if they choose to hire additional staff for their inbound marketing needs when they have professionals who are already well versed with the product, company culture and sales process who just need to get themselves some training in Inbound Marketing. Digital Skills in Viman Nagar, Pune provides an excellent Course in inbound Marketing that is ideal for professionals for a year or more in the system.

Like a wise man once said, don’t wait for until it’s too late. Kal karo so aaj, aaj karo so abhi. Enroll your best and brightest for the best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune only at Digital Skills.


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