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Improve Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns With These Tips

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media Marketing Agency 24 Nov 2017
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is like having those dreaded group discussions that used to take place during every placement session in college. Usually what happens is everyone starts screaming at the same time trying to make their voice heard without really paying attention to their audience. If you know the secrets of a good group discussion chances are you will see the similarities between succeeding at Group discussion and releasing really successful social media marketing campaigns.

There are few pointers that we can pick up about the success of Social Media Campaigns and we are sharing them with you here. Below are the tips that Digital Skills – The Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Pune has presented. Let me know if you agree with them or not.

Determine How to Improve a Social Media Campaign?

Increase the size of the Audience:

Some of you may argue that the increased audience size would be the outcome of a social media campaign. Yes, that is also true, but there are several ways to look at an increase in size of audience. Post high quality content months before the actual campaign to attract quality leads to your page or account. What we mean to say is shift to social media platform you wouldn’t normally use. Your research has to be thorough. Best times to Post, Best HashTags to Use, groups to spread the message to.  Coming back to the analogy of the group discussion, including the interviewers as part of your conversation. Not directly, but by using creative methods. Find ways to get to a larger audience. The bigger the pie you target the larger the slice you will get to eat.

Improve the Quality of Conversation:

One of the most important bits of a social media marketing strategy is the story you are trying to sell. Without a story, you will not excel. Improve the quality of your social media marketing conversations. That means, the copy, the creative, the idea, the thought behind the operation all have to be in sync and all have to be top notch. The cliché “think out of the box” applies. Do something unique. Even if the story is as old as time, find a way to tell the story that has never been done before. Use all the creative liberties you have at your disposal, the more the better. You can learn to get creative in our Social Media Marketing Course in Pune. Don’t forget you’re there to have a conversation and not to scream your ideas.

Listen to What’s Being Said:

Picking up from the last point, remember that it’s a conversation that you are trying to have. So pay close attention to what is being said. Listen to both sides of the conversation. Listen to what your target group is talking about right now and how you can use that in your social media strategy. Listen to what your competitors are talking about and how you can leverage that information but in a better way. Pay attention to these details and you will find that the social media marketing ideas are just flowing through.

Social Listening Tools List

A List of Some Social Listening Tools to help build Strategy

Improve Metrics & Measurement:

It’s essential to keep track off as much information as you can. Research, not only about the customer but about your competitors and yourself. What times are your customers mostly online? What posting times have given you the best response? Do your users prefer professional styles of communicating or something that’s a little bit more relaxed and personalized?

Use all these tips and you are sure to create a stellar Social Marketing Campaign. If you need additional support with creating Social media Marketing Campaigns you can always get in touch with Digital Skills, which is one of the top rated Digital Marketing Company in Pune


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