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SEM Case Study For A Real Estate Client

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Case Studies, SEM Case Study 24 Jan 2018

Search Engine Marketing or Google’s Pay Per Click campaigns takes a lot of technical know-how and operational expertise. You have to know the nitty-gritty of the bidding process along with the actual keywords that would get the best return on investment.

Our client who is one of the most prominent online real estate agents in Pune set us a task of lead generation. We decided to use our expertise in Search Engine Marketing to try and target potential customers for our client.

Real Estate Client Profile:

Our client is an online real estate broking firm which operates in Pune and the surrounding areas. They sell apartments, townhomes, and condos and also provide their customers with real estate investment opportunities. They were already ranking well for quite a few important keywords, but they needed to acquire more leads quicker.

Objective Of The Search Engine Marketing Activity:

The primary object was to get customers who were looking to purchase a home for themselves in Pune. The real estate market in Pune was quite attractive at the time but our client was not getting enough leads on their website even though they had a large number of visitors. While we were undertaking landing page optimization they needed a solution that would get them instant results. They were looking for buyers only for one prominent property in Wadgaonsheri Pune.

The secondary objective of the PPC activity was to target individuals and households who were looking to purchase property as a form of investment.

The Digital Marketing Challenges:

Right from the start, we knew that this was going to be quite a tough task. The average ticket size for the property was 93 lakhs. The targeting would have to be very accurate if we were going to succeed. Although the property was quite attractive and had all the necessary amenities like swimming pool, running track, gym it was located in Wadgaonsheri, which was not the most attractive location at the time of the activity. We also had the target of reducing the Cost Per Lead as much as possible so our bidding process would also have to be top notch (which it always is)

Strategy For PPC Advertising:

We had to come up with a killer strategy to accomplish the target set by the client. Not only did we have very specific timelines, we had hard to achieve targets as well. We believe sometimes the best answer is the simplest one and it more often than not works for us. We worked with the client to come up with some really exciting creative that would captivate the audience. We had a carefully allocated daily budget that we adhered to strictly. All the creative copies that we had made very carefully rotated to ensure max visibility and highly draw the potential customers. Our focus was on providing a clear and precise call to action so that the users knew exactly what they were going to be doing.

The Execution Of The Strategy:

The landing pages were designed to perfection to ensure that once the potential clients got on the page they were able to read all the necessary information in one place. Bidding was on point to ensure that precious resources were utilized effectively. Creatives that were not performing as expected were pulled out of rotation and contingencies were activated. Digital Skills made sure search traffic for all relative terms was captured by providing information prospective customers were looking for.

The Results:

Thanks to all the planning and hard work that went into the project the result was a smashing success. The site traffic increased overall by 400%. The acquisition target that was provided by the client was exceeded by more than 17%. One of the major objectives was to increase the leads. This objective was not only met but surpassed beyond even the client’s expectations. The leads for this activity was increased by 42%. There was also an overall decrease in the cost per lead by 48%. This was surely a feather in the cap of Digital Skills. The client was obviously happy and we have retained them ever since. If you are looking to similarly capitalize on the expertise of Digital Skills and its SEM Agency then feel free to get in touch. You can now get a free quote for your services required when you register on our website.

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