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Smart Citizen for Smart Cities – How Digital Marketing Can Help

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Certifications, Digital Marketing Courses in Pune 08 Sep 2017
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How a course in Digital Marketing can help you becoming a smart citizen of a smart city

You’ve all heard the talk about smart cities, but have you ever given a thought to what is a smart city? A smart city is by definition a city development plan that is taking into consideration the use of IT and Communication to manage the resources of the city better. Information technology provides the city officials to have a better understanding of the city’s problems while having additional information for them to analyze to resolve these issues. The hope here is that with the information being gathered patterns are spotted that could be acted upon to better the lives of the society as a whole. A small example would be to better manage the traffic situations on the road so as to have a fewer bottleneck and better productivity.

Digital Marketing for Smart Cities



With the advent of Smart cities, there will also be a lot of new job opportunities that are created. Smart cities will be ever evolving and the constant change can be a challenge for some. Instead of looking at the challenges as problems the smart citizens of Pune, India should look at them as opportunities for having an interesting career choice to make in the time to come. If you are able to future proof you Digital Skills now, who is to say the limits you may cross when the smart city projects come to its full potentials.


Some job opportunities that come with smart cities are those of, city planners, social media marketers, cyber security analysts, data scientists, digital customer makers. Some of these positions are already available and some you have heard about for the first time. That is what is so great about the Digital Skills thought process. We are constantly thinking about the future and how we will help our students be ready for what is to come. With our courses in Social Media Marketing and the Certification Course in Integrated Digital Marketing, Pune we try and provide our students with the level of preparedness that will make them feel secure in the job market. Fees for similar Digital Marketing Courses around the world would be quite exorbitant, but for considerably a balanced fee you will get the same type of education in one of the best schools of Digital Marketing in Pune – Digital Skills.

Digital Marketing Courses in Pune with 100% job assistance

Now speaking of why smart cities will need social media marketers?

Like I mentioned earlier smart cities will need a lot of data for them to analyse. This data will be provided by the city residents themselves. With the use of their smart phone and tablets. Just take a moment to think about how Google gets it traffic data for its Google Maps app? Getting the picture? Similarly, each of the city residents will have to play a role of a social media marketer if the smart city is to benefit. All the relevant information, news for trusted and verified sources will need to shared at rapid pace. For that you will all need to understand the basics of Social Media Marketing. Our course on the basics of Social Media Marketing will be just perfect for you.

Apart from these general social media marketers the government will need professionals with proper training in social media marketing to begin the social media marketing process in the first place. Professionals who know how to ensure that the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Do you currently have what it takes to be one of them?

Are you now prepared to be a smart citizen of a smart city? You better be, because smart cities are coming and they will wait for no one.


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