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How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Institute – Part 3

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, How To Choose Your Digital Marketing Institute 30 Oct 2017
Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune?

The students of Digital Marketing are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a Digital Marketing Institute for their education. However, since a lot of institutes have popped up in the last couple of years it only makes sense to carefully judge them and find out which is actually the best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune for your needs. We have already discussed the tips for selecting the Digital Marketing Institute based on Faculty parameters and the factors that determine a good course module for Digital Marketing and how you should select it. In part III of the series, we will be discussing the factors that determine the best class for Digital Marketing in Pune based on the Institute itself.

Factors determining the best Digital Marketing Institute:

Business Model:
Have you considered the type of Business Model that your School of Digital Marketing has in place? Some Digital Marketing Training Institutes are in the business of making money rather than passing on valuable information and getting their students ready for the life in the professional world. The best Digital Marketing Institute will also have in place an Agency model for Digital Marketing where their students can learn about how an actual professional set up really operates. They should be able to provide their students with enough hands-on experience so that they will be able to enter seamlessly into any professional set up and prove their worth. When a Digital Marketing Institute has a Digital Marketing Agency model as well it implies also that they are still using their vast experience to help their customers solve their Marketing problems. Always try and pick a Digital Marketing Institute with an agency business model as well.

Certificate Assistance:
A good method of finding high paying jobs and to prove your calibre is by clearing certification course by some of the most reputed companies in the world. Google Certifications, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certifications, Facebook Advertising Certifications are just a few of the most reputable Digital Marketing Certifications available in the market. If you are seeking to improve upon your knowledge then it is a good idea to keep getting more and more certifications. When choosing a Digital Marketing Institute ensures that they will provide you with enough assistance in getting these certifications. Not only should the course structure be designed in a manner that makes it easier to get certified, the faculty should go over and above that to make sure their students get the required certificates.

Digital Marketing Selection Cheat Sheet

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Placement Assistance:
The main reason for joining any Digital Marketing Course apart from gaining additional knowledge about a subject is to get a good job. You have to look into the past record of the institute in providing placement assistance to their students. Placements assistance can be in the form of holding mock interviews, working on the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Helping the student revamp their CV to properly articulate their strengths is another method of helping the students secure a good placement.

Basic Infrastructure:
There will be some minimum physical requirements that are required for you to be able to pick a good Digital Marketing school. Do they have proper well-equipped classrooms? The minimum requirements are that they provide a good ambience for students to study in. You must also take into account the number of students they enrol in each batch and if there is comfortable space for all to sit. Does every student get individual attention? Do they have a good internet connection?

Email/Phone Support:
A large number of students who come to study digital marketing want to make their career in the same field. That is why they choose to pay the fees as an investment in themselves. Before you join the Digital Marketing course in Pune check to see how supportive the faculty and other members of the organization are. Are they willing to provide you with support even after your courses are over? Will they help guide you to making your business a success? The kind of institute that you should aim for is one that will be providing you with guidance long after you have passed through their Digital Marketing Academy.


I hope this series on finding the right digital marketing class in Pune has been helpful. To keep up to date with more blogs, you can follow our Facebook Page where we regularly update our blog articles. If there are topics that you would like us to write about, or understand further, please do let us know in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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