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Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pune, India

Posted by DigitalSkills in Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune 22 Dec 2017

It is quite easy to see that Digital Marketing is fast growing into one of the most sought-after jobs in Pune. With Advertising spends on digital media being almost equal to TV spends for the first time in decades. By 2020 more ad revenue is going to be spent on Digital avenues than on traditional media like television, newspapers, and radio. So in case you are wondering about the scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune, it needs to be very clear that the scope of jobs is very high. Not only do we have numerous companies looking for talented individuals in the field of Digital Marketing as a whole, but organizations are looking for professionals who have an expertise in one particular area of Digital Marketing. There are numerous job opportunities for people with little or no experience but who have done a professional Digital Marketing Course, like the one being offered by Digital Skills.

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

This is just one of the many job portals and as you can see, with the keyword Digital Marketing, 0 experience and location as Pune, the platform shows 455 vacant positions to be filled by the right individuals. There are much more such opening in the hundreds of job portal sites on the net. Imagine the number of positions available.

What Digital Marketing Jobs Are Available?

Companies are looking for talented individuals who will be able to seamlessly fit into their organizations. If you have experience in Digital Marketing that improves your chances of finding Digital Marketing Jobs all the more. That is why Digital Skills provides it students with a 2-month internship. The two-month internship provides the students an opportunity to really understand how to work in at a Top Digital Marketing Agency. The course itself is structured in a manner that lets the students work on real live projects to better help them understand the kind of work that needs to be done. It allows them to be ready for work life in the industry. That is exactly the kind of people that companies are looking for. Even if you do not have experience in Digital Marketing if you show enough technical knowledge during your interview your chances of being selected are quite high.

There are several kinds of Digital Marketing jobs available in the market. Some companies prefer a digital marketing all-rounder. Someone who can work on all the aspects of Digital Marketing in equal measure. While others are looking for people with a special skill set to focus on only one particular task. Search Engine Marketing or PPC Advertising is one module of Digital Marketing that has a tremendous scope in Pune.

PPC Jobs In Pune

A search result for SEM vacancies with 0 years of experience in Pune shows 353 results. If you are interested in learning more about SEM, you can join our Digital Marketing Class on Search Engine Marketing and become an expert on the subject.

Gap between Academia and Industry in Digital Marketing:

The reason for the high number of vacancies is because digital marketing companies are not able to find people who have the right kind of knowledge to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. Although the scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune is high, there is a significant gap in what is being taught and what is needed for the digital marketing industry. A lot of digital marketing training institutes focus on covering topics quickly so that they can churn out students as quickly as possible. As far as they are concerned, it is only about their bottom line. You need to be really careful while selecting a digital marketing course provider because you want to get the best out of our investment. You can read our blog series: How To Pick The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute to find out the criteria to use for selection.

Pay Scale For Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune:

We will be as honest as we can about the pay scale. If you are at an entry level, this will be your first job then Digital Marketing does not pay too highly. You can expect a salary ranging from Rs 15,000 – 20,000 depending on your knowledge, skill level, your negotiation techniques during the interview and a lot of other factors. A point to note is that we have had students who have come to us with 4 years of experience. In their previous job they were at a salary of more than 5 L.P.A., Most of these students were able to match or even get a raise on their first job in Digital Marketing. They were able to do this because they were able to leverage their past work experience in their roles in Digital Marketing Jobs. So it is not all bleak.

If you are a Digital Marketing fresher you might not be able to earn too much, but as you gain experience the rise in pay grades is significantly higher than as compared to any other industry. For instance, an SEO executive could get a hike of more than 50% when they switch jobs after only 2 years of experience.


There is still huge scope for growth in Digital Marketing in Pune, India and it is only going to get bigger every year. If you would like to enter the exciting world of Digital Marketing then I suggest you consider a course in digital marketing with Digital Skills. Digital Skills is the premier provider of Digital Marketing classes in Pune. If you have not yet made up your mind, come attend one of our free demo sessions on the weekends and you will be convinced. Make the right choice, choose Digital Marketing. To register for a Free Demo call +91 9595347484 or leave us a message on our Contact page.



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